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Things to Consider When Planning a Condo Renovation

Living in a condo can offer you a lot of advantages. For one, you’ll get to live at the heart of the city where you’ll have access to the markets, malls, and other public places. Most condo interior designs also offer a convenient layout that can make small space living attractive. Whether you want to upgrade your condo’s interior or you had just gotten your own condo and want to put personal touches on it, we are here to help. Condo renovation might be exciting but to save time, effort and money, you must plan it properly and ahead of time. Below is a guide on what things you should consider when planning for a condo makeover.

Full Renovation vs Partial Renovation

When we say condo renovation in Singapore, people always often think that it should be a full-blown renovation. That is not supposed to be the case, whether you are opting for a full or partial renovation, things can work out just fine. When deciding which type of renovation you will need for your condo, consider the following pointers:

  • Do you want your condo interior design to be consistent with every room?
  • Are you okay with the current design of your condo but needs renovation for a certain area or room?
  • Will long renovation works disrupt your important activities at home?
  • Do you have enough budget for the type of condo renovation you want?

This will help you decided whether you should get a full renovation or opt for a partial one in the meantime.

Hire an Interior Design Firm vs DIY


Another important consideration when planning a condo renovation is whether you should get a professional designer or you would do the task yourself. While we all have our own preferences with regards to this question, here are some realities when doing DIY renovation as compared to hiring a designer to help you decide.

·       DIY renovation is good if you’re pro at home improvements

We do not discourage DIY renovations. In fact, there are plenty of talented people out there who are handling their home renovation works by themselves and the results are impressive. However, do take note that when doing a condo interior design, all the works will be on your plate. From planning the layout to budgeting to actual renovation, they are all yours to handle. Thus, if you do not have prior experience with DIY renovation, we suggest that you let an interior design firm do the work for you.

·       Not because it looks easy on the YouTube video doesn’t mean it actually is

So you found a video tutorial for DIY condo renovation and wants to try it yourself? Before getting all fired up, think if you can actually do the task on the video. Those tutorials are made by professionals who have been doing their trade for many years. If failing is not an option you want to consider, then it’s better not to resort to copying what’s on the DIY tutorial video.

·       No renovation work is too small for an interior designer

Some people resort to DIY condo renovation because they are afraid that the task at hand is too small and simple to consult an interior design company for. To tell you the truth, interior designers love to work on small projects as much as they enjoy full-blown projects. Thus, even if you only need help with your kitchen renovation, you must not hesitate to consult a professional designer.

·       An interior designer will consider your thoughts

Your insights are important for interior designers. When planning a condo interior design project, designers tend to ask the opinions of their clients from time to time. It is not a “their way or high way” deal. Thus, even when you are hiring an interior design firm for your condo, you will not need to worry about not having the freedom to choose the style you want.

·       Professionally designed condo sells better

If you wish to sell your condo someday, you would want to let a professional interior design company handle the renovation works. Should you keep a tab of the renovation works done for the property, you can put a good market value for your condo. It is not to mention that buyers will most likely want to buy a condo that is well-taken care of by its previous owner.

The Takeaway

Condo renovation can be thrilling, just remember that it is not a small investment as well. Since you will have to spend some money on the renovation works, it is important to consider these things when planning for a home improvement project.