What You Can Do To Overcome Math Anxiety

It is a typical stereotype for Asians that they are naturally math geniuses. They are mathematical geniuses who can solve math problems involving three or more operations in just a matter of seconds. Extraordinary maths wizards can even solve these problems without using solution paper and calculators. But if that stereotype is true, there would be no need for an A maths tuition in Singapore and all over Asian countries.

Maybe this stereotype is not entirely true. But what is true is that math anxiety exists. It is incredible to discover that people’s fear and loathing of numbers and mathematical problems has an actual name– math anxiety.

Learn more about maths anxiety and how enrolling in a math tuition centre in Singaporecan help overcome it.

An Introduction To Maths Anxiety

Do you tremble when the maths exam is approaching? Perhaps, stutter when asked to calculate the total amount and change for the items you both. Don’t be embarrassed because you are not alone.

The fear and dread of mathematics is a real thing. Math anxiety is the dread and apprehension of a person that could interfere with their ability to manipulate numbers and solve math problems.

When does math anxiety happen?

A person can develop math anxiety as early as primary school. Some people acquire it in secondary school, while people taking tertiary education have also seen signs of maths anxiety. Some people overcome maths stress by getting an H2 maths tutor.

What causes maths anxiety?

Four primary factors influence a person’s attitude towards numbers and mathematics.

●      Teachers and The Learning Environment

A person gets their first in-depth learning in maths in the classroom. It can be in a school or aJC H2 math tuition. A good math learning environment helps reduce the anxieties people have towards mathematics.

Teachers, tutors, and instructors play a crucial role in creating this environment. Teachers who have a positive and enthusiastic perspective of mathematics gravitate the student’s feelings towards the same outlook. It is also essential for teachers, tutors, and instructors to motivate the students to become better in the subject. A school and even amath tuition centre in Singapore can use this positive approach to reduce maths anxieties and nurture the person’s natural fondness for numbers.

●      Parents

The parent’s reaction to their child’s maths ability and performance significantly affects their behaviour towards maths. Nagging over and scrutinising the maths ability of the child impacts the student’s confidence.

The parent’s role in reducing maths anxiety is determining the root cause of the problem. Many children develop learning problems and disorders. Most of the time, parents mistook these problems as learning stress.

Parents can take several steps in overcoming maths anxiety. The actions include having open communication with the child and their teacher and getting an H2 maths tutor.

●      Peers

Each one of us has a different set of skills. Some people are gifted at literature, while others are math wizards at birth. Peers, from classmates to colleagues, also affect the confidence of people in solving numbers. For example, people who already have maths anxiety may feel inferior to those who have above average mathematical ability.

Inferiority and embarrassment in front of superior peers demotivate people with maths anxiety. As a result, they gravitate away from maths and forgo trying.

Fostering confidence towards maths by taking short courses in A maths tuition in Singaporecan help eliminate the inferiority complex.

●      Society

Society plays a crucial role in developing math anxiety. The Asian math geniuses stereotype, for example, is a social factor that influences the behaviour of people towards maths. People may believe that they are naturally bad at maths because they are not Asian.

It could be the other way around as well. Some Asians think they belong to the 1% of the Asian population who are terrible at math. Ergo the black sheep of the family.

These myths and misconceptions about maths and people who are good and bad at maths are harmful.

What society should do is eliminate these misleading myths and stereotypes. The community, the education system, and themath tuition centre in Singapore must find ways to make mathematics attractive and less daunting.

Now that you know what maths anxiety is and the factors that influence it, the most obtainable way to overcome it is by finding a reputable math tuition centre in Singapore.


How To Find The Right Maths Tuition Centre For You

There are lots of maths tuition in Singapore, from JC to H2 math tuition. Some are cheaper than the others, while others are closer to your home. There are many things you should weigh. But the factor that you should consider the most is the service quality of your chosen math tuition centre in Singapore.

Credibility and Experience

There are physical and online mathematics tuition centres in Singapore. There are several ways to check the credibility and experience of the tuition centre. You can research how long in the business your chosenJC H2 math tuition in Singapore. Most likely, they will post their awards and recognitions on their website. These awards say a lot about the service quality.

You can also reference reviews and feedback from parents and students themselves about the service.

Credentials and Qualifications of Tutors

You can ask the management about their hiring process of pools of talents and tutors who will teach maths to the students. An excellent JC math tuition in Singapore generally hires people with at least a mathematics degree and teaching background. You can also politely ask the h2 maths tutor for their qualifications.

Adaptiveness To Student’s Needs

Unlike in schools, tuition centres and tutors assure to meet the needs of the students. They know how to approach a student with math anxiety, and they have the right tools for it.

Has An Honest Communication With The Students and Parents

Progress assessment is a crucial part of developing the mathematical skills of the student. Your chosen math tuition centre in Singapore must deliver this evaluation clearly to you and the student and must be able to configure a plan for further result improvement.

Maths is not easy, but it is not scary as well! With perseverance and a gradual process, you can overcome math anxiety.

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