Should You Opt For Homeschooling Amidst The Pandemic?

The education system had taken a fatal hit when the COVID-19 was declared as a global pandemic. Most countries’ education systems and institutions were severely hit, including Singapore. Nations have taken draconian actions to gain the upper hand. Many have closed down their borders, delayed and cancelled entertainment and sporting events, and shut down offices, sending employees to a temporary work from home setup.

On the other hand, the education system had to proceed through distance learning and online classes. With the current situation, homeschooling seemed to be unaffected by the changes. Amidst the global pandemic and indefinite future we have, is homeschooling with the help of an educational consultant in Singapore the better education option for your child? Continue reading this article to find out.

Homeschooling and The COVID-19

Before we discuss the advantages of homeschooling amidst the pandemic, let us first understand what distance learning and homeschooling are.

Distance Learning

Distance learning, or full home-based online learning, is a remote educational process where the students enrolled in a learning institution attend classes and lectures, receive and submit homework and projects and other requirements online.

This setup uses various tools, such as video conferencing and emails, for proper education. Students can attend their classes and complete their requirements without being physically present at school.

Distance learning setup has been quite popular for people receiving their tertiary and even post-graduate education, even before the pandemic.

However, many primary and secondary schools have switched to distance learning after COVID-19 hit. From main subjects to writing courses in Singapore, almost everything has been held online.


On the other hand, homeschooling is also a full home-based education system, similar to distance learning. The only difference is that the parents provide the education instead of enrolling the students in a learning institution. Parents often keep their children homeschooled from preschool to secondary school level.

In Singapore, before parents could send their child into homeschooling, they must apply for the exemption of compulsory education (CE) from the Ministry of Education.

Certain conditions must be met before their parents can homeschool their children. The conditions set by the Ministry of Education includes providing an academic learning plan for the four subjects (English Language, Mother Tongue Language, Mathematics and Science) and a teaching plan for Character and Citizenship Education.

Parents can also ask for advice and guidance from an educational consultant in Singapore.

For more information regarding the exemption of compulsory education (CE) in Singapore, kindly click this link.

Homeschooling and COVID-19

In the US, the rates for households having their children homeschooled significantly increased by 5.6 % for the school year 2020-2021. The drastic change is viewed as an appeal or solution for an alternative school arrangement amidst the global pandemic.

That said: some people now see the advantage of homeschooling with the health risks still going around the corner. But the question is: is it really time for parents to opt for homeschooling and rely on an educational consultant in Singapore?


Reasons Why Parents Should Choose Homeschooling


One of the best benefits of homeschooling is the flexible schedule.

Firstly, there is no need for travelling and transportation when attending class in a homeschooling setup.

The parents can set the schedule or the length of each class. Apart from the timeline, absences and cutting classes are less likely. Parents can arrange the holiday vacation and semester breaks like how normal schools work or arrange educational trips and other out-of-school activities.

There are parents who ask for advice from educational consultants like Carean Oh, an educator and consultant.

No One Gets Left Behind

Every student has a different pace when it comes to learning. The pace differences have been a problem in face-to-face and even distance learning setup. Some students get left behind in the class as the lecture proceeds.

In homeschooling, parents can set the phase of their lessons based on the progress of their children. It lifts the burden on the students on following and digesting every information in a limited amount of time.

It is also an advantage for students with special needs like ADHD and dyslexia.

Parents can also try different teaching approaches and methods forwriting courses in Singapore that suit the needs of the student.


Today, even in a distance learning setup, private school students still pay for the tuition fees despite not using the school’s facility.

Compared to enrolling your child in a private learning institution, parents can save a lot of money. There are no travel and lunch allowance, uniform, and paid educational trips.

On the other hand, the parents had to spend on creating a home classroom, books, printed modules, and other learning materials. Parents can still bring down the cost by reusing papers and notebooks. Furthermore, the classroom can be used from preschool to secondary school level for a homeschooled child.

No Peer Pressure and School Violence

Peer pressure and school violence are only a few of many problems in a school setup. Peer pressure and school violence, such as bullying, affect not only the academic performance of the student but also their physical and mental health. It contributes to some behavioural problems of a child. There are also risks of exposure to the illegal substance in school.

Home is one of the safest places for a student to learn. Peer pressure and bullying are less likely to happen in homeschooling. At the same time, parents can teach and instil manners, good character, and respect in their children.

Before you homeschool your child, make sure to discuss with aneducational consultant in Singaporethe proper and healthy way of teaching your child.


With the current situation and health risks, homeschool seemed to be the ideal educational arrangement for students. Although it is a lot more beneficial, not all parents can pull it off. It requires parents to give their hands-on attention to their children.

The good news is, it is not too late! Parents can still apply to homeschool their children and get help from an educational consultant in Singapore.

Carean Oh

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