The Global Trend of International Schools

Education is constantly evolving. There is always an influx of demands from students and teachers to meet the changing needs of the world. Modern education is the bridge that allows them to meet these demands. In this time of modernity, you can expect plenty of global trends in international curriculums, classroom technology, among other things. It is good to stay updated with these trends, especially if you have a child who is about to enter their first school. You must know whether you should take them to a local school nearby or if you want them to have an international baccalaureate (IB) education in Singapore from international schools. To make a decision, knowing the global trends in the education landscape would help you out.

In this article, you will come to realise that knowledge is your key to success. If you know enough about the trends in international schools, deciding where you should enrol your child in this modern-day would be a breeze!

Ways How the Education Landscape is Changing

Over the years, many aspects of education have changed. What you have studied and have done in school before may no longer be practised in classrooms today. To ensure that you are enrolling your child to globally updated school, you should know what aspects of the education landscape have evolved. Read them below.

  1. Classrooms make use of technology

Increased technology in classroom settings has been more apparent these recent years. More schools are issuing students to have their own laptops and tablets to enhance computer literacy. The digitalised learning process is expected to rein the next generation of students, especially with the coronavirus pandemic still ongoing. You would want to choose a school that values digital learning and provides access to their students.

  1. Emphasis on primary education

Studies have found long-term benefits of early education, and it is why policymakers and educators are putting more emphasis on quality preschool education. These formative years of your child should be focused on developing their cognitive, social, and academic skills. If not, you cannot expect them to catch up to the same level as their schoolmates when you enrol them at such a late age. IB programs in international schools are what you should aim for because they have global standards when it comes to primary education up to high school education!

  1. Bilingual education is slowly becoming a standard

Whether you intend to send your child to an overseas university when they go to college or give them the advantage of getting in a competitive global workforce, you should aim for them to have bilingual education. With language immersions present at IBDP in Singapore, you will be giving them the future that they want. There, your child would receive second language teaching excellence from bilingual teachers equipped with training from globally-recognised language programmes! 

Why Enrol Them in an International School?

Curriculums in international schools are recognised and respected by world-leading universities because they follow the International Baccalaureate Programme. The IB standard encourages both personal development and academic achievement, which challenges students to excel in every possible way they can.

International schools are the avenue through which young people, like your child, get a comprehensive education that is found in the heart of an IB education. It is why you should consider finding one for your child! Aside from receiving the IB standard of education, international schools will give your child the:

Diverse environment

By surrounding your child with different people with a unique culture, you are encouraging the development of their international mind! Let them interact with these students for them to learn what they don’t see outside of the classroom.

Academic excellence

IB results show the students under their programmes have achieved outstanding results! Those 10% or more students who have been placed at the worldwide results can be your child someday when you enrol them in an international school!

Passionate and expert educators

Excellent academic achievements are attributed to the passionate educators and staff of international schools. They are highly experienced individuals who have the remarkable ability to match their teaching style to their students. So, it is no wonder that the institution hired them to teach at a global level institution.

Conducive facilities

Tied-up with the evolving education landscape, international schools have conducive campuses that are designed to be effective in academic learning! They have the latest technologies to increase your child’s interactivity and learning. Sports facilities are included here as well so they can maximise their physical abilities!

Practise on moral values

An intelligent mind can lead the world to innovation, but a person with moral character can lead the world to a better tomorrow. International schools are dedicated to equipping students with the knowledge and moral values that would make your child a compassionate, disciplined, and diligent person you aspire them to be.

These are all necessary for a holistic development that aims to equip students with all the fundamental life skills and knowledge that they need to face the world! Thus, you must let a reliable international school give your child the road to success today.

NPS International School as Your Choice

Giving your child quality education is essential if you want them to succeed and grow to become a better person who is well-cultured and well-aware of the world around them. In NPS International School, they can give your child a future that they want and you want. With their holistic approach to education, you can trust that they can enhance your child’s character and help them discover their multiple capabilities. To prove that enrolling your child to their institution that thrives for academic excellence, you can see their IB results in Singapore on their website! 

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