How Important is the Grout in Your Tiles

Homeowners have great appreciation when their grout contractor in Singapore has applied a clean grout that joins their tiles together and gives it a good look. But, how many homeowners know that it is vital to keep these dense fluids protected from issues that it may encounter after a few months? If you are one of those homeowners who are clueless about the importance of grout, you must read the rest of this article.

Here, you will learn why it takes more than a clean application that could make you appreciate grout service. With knowing why it is important to keep them protected, you will know how to take the beauty of your tiles to the next level!

What is grout and what is it made of?

To better understand why protecting grout is important, you must know what it contains first. Grout is essentially a composite material used in construction to fill voids and seal the opening in cracked surfaces. It is made of cement, water, and sand. Its mixture is widely used in construction, aside from joining in tiles, since they are also used in filling in hollow concrete blocks. Although, you must remember that the variety of grout mixtures are used depending on where it would be applied.

The common grout problems

Even when you purchase the highest quality of grout filler in Singapore, if you don’t put in the extra attention that it needs, it will soon result in giving you problems. As a homeowner, you must know the common problems that you may encounter. Here are some of them:

  • Dirty appearance

Discolouration and darkening appearance is often a problem when it comes to grout. Usually, it is because of improper cleaning of the surface of the floor or forgetting to apply a good sealant to protect it from the build-up of dirt.

  • Mould, fungus, and mildew

Cracked grout can store stagnant water where mould, fungus, and mildew can thrive. Imagine if your family members step on these cracks every day, they would be exposed to bacteria and germs that make them prone to illnesses.

  • Thinning of the grout

Due to the constant traffic that your grout endures every day, it can wear off easily, especially without a sealant. Your tiles, as a result, will come off loose. It would be a cause of accidents if someone walks barefoot on the exposed corners of your tiles.

Why is it important to protect your grout?

To eliminate all these common problems when it comes to grout, you must know how to protect it from blackening, building-up stagnant water, and wearing off with the help of grout sealants. The process of sealing grout is applying a protective layer over the grout lines. While it sounds like another set of expenses to handle, trust that it would give you benefits in the long run. Here are the reasons why you should get a proper sealant for your grout lines:

1.   Prolong the life of your tiles

If you want to add more years of lids to your tiled areas in your home, grout maintenance is the way to go. Periodic assessments to check any damages is what you can do to make this happen. When you know the problems that your tiles have, you can come up with ways on how you can address them, such as seeking expert advice from a reliable grout contractor!

2.   Protect your investment

Every homeowner knows the expenses spent on having tiles installation. So, why shouldn’t you invest in taking care of yours? Protect them by considering the application of waterproof grouting instead of the regular mixture! These are best suited if you get them for your bathroom tiles where tiles and grout are often in contact with water. It would prevent it from wearing off easily.

3.   Add more value to your home

In the future, when you decide to sell your property, a buyer would always look at the condition of your bathroom first. Sometimes, it is even the bathroom that makes or breaks the decision for them to buy your home. When they see that you regularly maintained and protected your home’s tile grout lines, you can expect them to give in to your good deal!

4.   Keep health hazards at bay

Breathing issues can arise from unclean and unprotected grout lines. When the cracks between your tiles collect water, not only could it damage your tiles, but it could also be the breeding ground for mould and mildew–the cause of allergic reactions. It may give your family members a runny nose, red eyes, and skin rashes. Seniors and children are usually the one at risk when they inhale the mould spores that your unprotected tiles help cultivate. Prevent this by water damage repair and investing in a waterproof grout filler in Singapore!

5.   Maintain the beauty of your home

Grouts come in different colours that can match the overall colour scheme of your home. With its various colour selection, you can mix and match them to create an attractive floor design that inspires you to give them the extra protection that they deserve. Trust that you would be showered with compliments from guests and other family members with how you combined creativity with function!

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