The Beginner’s Guide Birth Flowers For Birthday Bouquet

When was the last time you bought flowers from a flower shop or online florist in Singapore as a gift for someone? Was it on Valentine’s Day where a rose bouquet in Singapore was incredibly popular? Perhaps, on Mother’s Day, you chose to send a flower basket to your mum.

Flowers are known birthday gifts as well. In fact, you can find birthday flower delivery services in Singapore if you search on the internet today. If you are having trouble finding the right gift for the approaching birthday of your parents, sibling, partner, friend, and even boss, abirthday bouquet in Singaporeis the way to go.

This article will guide you if you are still clueless about what birthday bouquet to send to the celebrant.

The Birth Flowers For Birthday Bouquet in Singapore

There are no certain rules that limit people from choosing which flower they want to give to the recipient. Yes, we were exposed to a culture where a dozen red roses are for Valentine’s Day and white roses are for the death anniversary flowers in Singapore.

However, it feels good to go astray from these traditional customs and try something new and unique.

Here is the birth flower guide you can use when choosing the right birthday bouquet in Singapore.


●    Carnation

January celebrants’ birth flower is carnation. Carnation perennial flowering plant that is believed to have originated in Southern Europe and parts of Asia.

The meaning of carnation varies depending on the colours. Light red signifies admiration, while dark red means deep love. White symbolises innocence and pure love and pink carnation means affection.

If the carnation flower is unavailable, you can opt for January’s secondary birth flower– snowdrop.

●    Snowdrop

Snowdrop is a bulbous perennial flower that originated in Europe and the Middle East. It has little white flowers that hang down from its stalk, hence the name.

These delicate flowers were considered bad luck since they grow in graveyards, yet snowdrop has been the symbol of rebirth as it blooms in late winter to early spring.

If you are planning to give flowers to a January celebrant, contact an online florist in Singapore and look for carnations or snowdrops.


●    Violet

Violet is a small, delicate flower that may come in blue, purple, pink, yellow and white. Violet means faithfulness, humility, and loyalty.

●    Primrose

February’s secondary flower is primrose. Primrose is a perennial flower that originated in Europe. Primrose means youth and young love. Yellow primrose is the most common variety of primrose you can find, but there are also blue, pink, purple, and white.

Contact your birthday flower delivery Singapore if they have violet and primrose for February celebrants.


●    Daffodil

March’s birth flower is daffodil. Daffodil is a bulb plant with flowers that come in yellow and white colour with a central trumpet-shaped crown. Daffodils originated in northern Europe.

This spring flower signifies rebirth, hope, unequalled love, and purity.

Apart from being March’s birth flower, daffodils are perfect anniversary flowers in Singapore, too. Daffodils are given to couples who are celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary as the flower symbolises resilience.


●    Daisy

Daisy is a flowering plant that produces “composite flowers.” Composite flowers have flower heads that also have tiny flowers. The sunflower is also an example of a composite flower.

Daisy has thin white petals surrounding a yellow centre. Daisy originated in Europe and parts of America.

Daisy signifies purity and innocence.

●    Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea is a vining flowering plant that originated in Italy. Sweet pea’s colours are lavender, blue, pink, white, and red. Sweet pea means blissful pleasure but also signifies goodbye, good wishes, and kindness.

Find a birthday flower delivery in Singapore with daisy and sweet pea on their list.


●    Lily of the Valley

Like the snowdrops, Lily of the Valley has several tiny, drooping, bell-shaped white flower heads connected to a single stalk. However, this flower is poisonous. Lily of the Valley originated in Europe and Asia.

Lily of the Valley signifies sweetness, humility, purity, and youth.

●    Hawthorn

The secondary May birth flower is Hawthorn. Hawthorn is a deciduous plant with white and pink flower clusters. Hawthorn originated in Europe, North Africa, and West Asia.

Hawthorn symbolises love, happiness and hope.

Look for an online florist in Singapore who has Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn on their lists!


●    Rose

You are allowed to give roses in June! Rose is a woody perennial flowering plant that originated in Central Asia. As people all know, rose comes in different colours other than red, including yellow, white, pink, and orange.

Depending on the colour, a rose may signify love, happiness, purity, and even jealousy.


You can now give a redrose bouquet in Singaporeto your crush and slyly say it is for June celebrants.


●    Larkspur

Larkspur is an annual or perennial flower that produces irregularly shaped blooms in a single stalk. Larkspur may come in pink, white, purple, and blue colours. Larkspur originated in the Mediterranean.

This flower symbolises a strong bond of love, open heart, and grace.

Find a birthday flower delivery in Singapore that offers larkspur.


●    Gladiolus

Gladiolus is a perennial plant that produces funnel-shaped flowers connected to a single stalk. White, red, yellow, and pink are among the colours of gladiolus. This flower originated in Europe, Africa, and The Mediterranean.

Gladiolus means infatuation, strength, remembrance, and integrity.

Apart from being an August birth flower, gladiolus can also be your get well soon flowers.


●    Aster

Aster is a star-shaped flower with a variety of colours,  including red, white, pink, and purple. This flower originated in America and Europe.

Aster signifies powerful love, royalty, and wisdom.

Ask your online florist in Singapore if they have Aster.


●    Marigold

Marigold is a flower with several layers of overlapping petals. Marigold’s colours are yellow, orange, and red. This flower originated in Mexico and Guatemala.

Marigold means creativity, passion, and courage.

Ask your birthday flower delivery in Singapore if they have marigolds available.


●    Chrysanthemum

Similar to daisies, chrysanthemums produce blooms that also have tiny flowers or florets. This flower originated in East Asia and parts of Europe. White, yellow, orange, purple, and red are the colours of the chrysanthemum.

Chrysanthemum means loyalty, joy, and longevity.

Chrysanthemums are perfect get well soon flowers, too.


●    Narcissus

Narcissus belongs to the family of daffodils. Like daffodils, it has yellow and white colours. This flower originated in Europe and Africa.

Narcissus means faithfulness, respect, and good wishes.

Final Words

If you are still clueless about whichbirthday bouquet to get in Singapore, just follow this guide, and you will never go wrong.

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