6 Ways to Support Your Children’s Education Journey

Education is an essential part of personal growth. However, as the world becomes more competitive, young learners feel more pressured to invest in their education. For this reason, some people overlook the value of education, which is to learn about the things around them. Since there is pressure with the competitive society, most people see education as a way of privilege. They even value the school name over the environmental factors and curriculum.

If you do so, it can affect the attitude of young learners towards learning. Keep in mind that education is a way to improve oneself. It is not your right to brag about studying in the most prestigious school. When you have humility about education, it is a way to appreciate the value of learning.

Learning about the value of education is the first step to embrace learning.  In Singapore, there is an international school that is a conducive learning environment for children and teenagers. It is the best place to improve your attitude towards the importance of education, especially if you’re a parent.

As a parent, you should know how to support your children while on their school journey. So, allow this article to help you learn the tips on how to give support to your children in high school, elementary, college, or even in middle school in Singapore.

How to Support Your Children in Their School Journey

Parental support is key to success in a child learning journey. It can be in a co-ed school or a top international school in Singapore. As a parent, you are their foundation when entering a school phase in life. Unfortunately, it can even be stressful for some children to be in a school setting. That’s why they need the support of their parents to have better school life and academic performance.

Here are the ways you can support your children once they enter school:


1)  Attend Parent-Teacher Seminars

Attending parent-teacher seminars can help you learn more about the school policy and the environment. If you go to those conferences, you’ll know whether the school is applicable for the personality or preferences of your children. You can also talk with the teachers and staff about school life.

For instance, the top international school in Singapore will ensure that every parent will share their opinions about their curriculum. If this happens, don’t shy away from asking questions.  In doing so, you’ll be more knowledgeable about the school of your children.

You can also discuss strategies with fellow parents about how to build a bully-free school on the campus. So, if there are parent-teacher seminars, you should join them to have more information.

2)  Give Assistance During Home-works

Of course, in Singapore, an international school will give homework for additional practice at home. As a parent, you have the responsibility to assist them when they find it confusing. This way, they can develop a passion for learning and improve their attitude towards school. Unfortunately, many students developed anxiety because of school pressure.

On the positive side, you can improve your attitude towards school by being a supportive parent. For instance, you have a child in middle school in Singapore. It is better to work with the assignment together with your child to let them understand it better. You can also assist your children if they make mistakes.

3)  Prepare the Mindset of Your Children

Going to school is a daunting task for some children. It can be anxiety-inducing because they will face new people, unfamiliar environments, or even a new curriculum like IBDP in Singapore. As a parent, you need to let them know that everything is going to be okay. Let them know that everyone also went through the educational process.

Avoid making them feel more anxious by nagging them or shouting at them. To prepare the mindset of your children, explain to them that school is an essential aspect of life.

Also, let them know that challenges are part of the school experience. Tell them that if they have a problem, you’ll always be there to support them. With this, they can gain their confidence before entering the top international school in Singapore.

4)  Teach Them Organisational Skills

School management means children need to develop organisational skills. With their exams, assignments and extracurricular activities, it can feel overwhelming for a student to handle them in a day.  If you have children going to middle school in Singapore, it is better to teach them organisational skills at a young age.

So, when they enter university or higher education, they will bring the organisational skills to have better academic performance. To teach organisational skills, let them know the importance of following a schedule for a day. You can also encourage them to use a diary plan to finish their daily tasks. Also, let them know that taking a break is essential for their mind and body.

5)  Be More Involved

Getting involved with school activities is recommendable, but you can also help them in many ways! It’s also a way to show that you’re supportive of your children. After all, children will feel more confident if they know they have enough support from the people around them. To be more involved, here are ways you can guide your children during their stay in the top international school in Singapore.

  • Chaperon during field trips or going to school every morning
  • Planning for class activities
  • Attending seminars
  • Buying them school supplies
  • Going to educational trips like museums, art galleries
  • Reading them a book
  • Attending school plays

If you want to do these activities, make sure you have a flexible schedule to assist your children. Let them know that you extend your hand during their stay in middle school in Singapore.

6)  Know the Curriculum

Lastly, before you enrol your children in the top international school, know the curriculum to have a background about their education. For instance, an IBDP in Singapore or IB Diploma Programme focuses on personal development through education. With this, you can have a clear understanding of the school curriculum. It allows you to support them throughout their journey.

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