Is Taking Classes at English Tuition Centres Worth it?

With the world becoming increasingly more interconnected, it’s safe to say that there will be a global lingua franca that we can use to communicate with most of the rest of the world. And as time goes on, there will emerge several worthy candidates for that title. What language will that be?

There are many that you can consider, but there’s no doubt that English is one of the strongest contenders out there. Over a billion people around the world speak the language, edging out Mandarin Chinese slightly. But an arguably more diverse population speaks English, which means that more resources and more cultures are open to English speakers. Looking to connect with more people or travel to more foreign lands? English should be your go-to choice of second language to learn.

If you think there’s no point to having an English language school or class, think again. English benefits us in many ways that we don’t realise, even if it’s not our native language. And while it is not a native language, it is still an official one.

How does English benefit us?

And it seems like our local government also thinks the same thing, because English is a mandatory subject in the country. It is essential to learn English here in Singapore if you want to be successful. For a country that’s a melting pot of cultures and races, the English language can be a unifying driving force for everything from the economy to our arts and sciences.

And it doesn’t just benefit our society as a whole, it can benefit English speakers themselves immensely, and sometimes in ways that they cannot imagine. It’s not just used to bridge the gap between two cultures and help you communicate more with people who speak different languages, they’re also used in several other functions. For example, English is one of the languages of science and mathematics. A majority of scientific papers, books, and other mediums are written solely in English. Being able to understand the language is key to getting access to the latest research and innovations. A majority of arts and humanities papers books, and shows is also available in English, meaning you open yourself up to more entertainment and informative mediums and artwork.

And that is why the youth of Singapore is taught to emphasise and value their education in English. As citizens of one of the most highly educated nations on the planet, we definitely prioritise our English language learning. If you have a child currently enrolled in school, you should not let their competence and confidence in English decrease.

How do we take our English language learning to the next level?


Is your child struggling to learn English, or do they fall behind on English classes? Don’t worry, they’re not alone. That’s why there are tons of English tuition centres in Singapore that offer supplementary classes to help them catch up. 

Sometimes, enrolling them in school isn’t enough. What if they want or need to ace the class with flying courses, or they simply want more time to prepare for difficult subjects in the upcoming curriculum? If that’s the case, then maybe it’s time to look into other options outside of school that can assist them in learning.

English tuition centres provide ways for them to expand their learning experience without letting their grades suffer. So when the real tests and quizzes come, your child is absolutely ready to take on the challenge.

Are they actually worth it?


You might be wondering to yourself whether taking an English course would be worth it for your child. The short answer is yes, but if you want to know more about what it can offer, read on:

  • Convenience. There are many ways in which your child could learn and you can adapt it to their needs. Some offer one on one sessions with tutors, others offer online courses, still others offer group study and other types of classes.
  •  Pick your timetable and schedule. Your child still has school to go to, after all! Many tuition centres offer afterschool classes and adjustable schedules for students.
  • Better resources. Is your child having difficulty understanding the class with their material? Tuition centres offer supplementary resources like workbooks and mock tests so your child can practice their English skills.

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