Steps to claim Personal Injury after a Car Accident

After involved with a car accident, even though it is major or minor, no or serious injuries, we can claim for personal injuries and our lost income due to the accident. Some of the basic steps that have to be followed to claim insurance as per the guidance of Louisville Car Accident Lawyer are as follows

Steps to be followed:

  1. Irrespective of the accident, however major or minor it is, we have to report to Police immediately from the scene of accident to get an official report on the incident.
  2. A copy of the report should be obtained from Police in the following date and has to be safeguarded. This report will consist of important details that are helpful in claiming the insurance.
  3. The next step followed is to get examined by our family doctor or any hospital in our locality to get a detailed report on our injuries, their severity, possible recovery time etc.
  4. With the medical report, it is possible to get partial compensations at the earliest that could be used for immediate treatments like surgeries or physiotherapy practices if required.
  5. Along with the medical report, necessary evidences should be gathered about the accident, when and where it occurred and why the accident happened at the first place.
  6. Contact the insurance company and report the accident claim. If possible, an official letter with detailed description of insurance coverage should be obtained.
  7. Based on the strength of evidence and medical report, proper settlement or compensation can be obtained.

Evidences required:

The Louisville Car Accident Lawyer will include as many details possible for the better explanation of the accident occurred. Some of the evidences that have to be collected at the first place are:

  1. Photos of the vehicles and accident scene.
  2. Immediate photographs of the injuries after the accident or crash.
  3. Prescriptions, reports, x-rays related to the medical examination and the detailed description of our visits to doctor, physicians, medical etc.
  4. Receipts of all costs involved with the repair of vehicle.
  5. In case of working person, official letter from company management to account for the lost working hours.