How to Keep Yourself Safe When Travelling Alone as a Woman


Are you brave enough to conquer your dream destination alone? We know you’re capable of doing it. Traveling solo is fun and allows an individual to be good in terms of decision making. It also promotes personal growth and independence. However, one’s safety and security should be given high importance. Be smart and follow simple tips to be ready for your next solo adventure. And as you fly to the destination of your choice, the popular live flight tracking system will be your companion. It allows you to monitor and track planes in real-time and also provides real-time notifications and airport information. Tell your friends and family about it so they would be aware of your whereabouts. We want you to make the most out of your solo trip that’s why we’ve prepared this for you.

Conduct research on the place you’d like to visit

Yes, being spontaneous as you go to a foreign destination is possibly fun but having ample information about it and planning ahead of time has a big impact with regards to your safety and security. It is recommended to research and read reviews of previous travelers on the areas that are safer to visit or stay in. Also, as you dig deeper on a certain destination that you’d like to visit, you’ll undoubtedly stumble on some insights on how women are culturally expected to behave in public and these things are essential. There are instances that you’ll disagree with them but keep in mind that your primary responsibility as you travel solo is your safety. 

Train in self-defense

Becoming physically capable of defending yourself to an attacker is one’s last resort. We all know that not everyone is capable of doing so but knowing some basic moves is never a bad idea plus it will help you guard yourself. There are self-defense classes nowadays that are designed to teach women to protect themselves. You don’t need to be a black belter to do so or to effectively fight back to your opponent. Knowing the basics, having proper training and confidence is necessary. 

Don’t be afraid to decline one’s offer 

People may feel disappointed in one way or another. You should only say yes if it feels right. Don’t worry too much, always remember that it’s your solo trip and it’s just about you and not them. You’ll probably encounter, in some bars or hostels, that there are people who will ask you to keep drinking and partake in multiple rounds of shots. It will surely lead to serious problems. Remember, you’re traveling alone and no one is looking out for you.

Provide a dummy wallet and whistle or something that makes noise 

We all want to keep your most important valuables safe. With that in mind, we suggest using a dummy wallet that contains some smaller bills. Through this, a thief may think that he’s getting something worthwhile while in fact, you’re keeping your real valuables with you. You’re just hiding it may be under the insole of your shoe. Another must-bring item is a whistle which comes very handy. Bringing something that makes noise is important. You can use it to ask for help or get someone’s attention when you’re in danger.

Don’t hesitate to ask for local’s advice 

Be mindful and internalize all the information that you’ve gotten through your research so you will have an idea of what to look out for in the specific area that you’re about to visit. There are numerous online sites where you can read reviews of the travelers who have been in that place. Locals, expats, and experts give updates and shared their experience, either good or not so good for the succeeding travelers to take note and for the locals to improve.

Don’t be shy to ask the employees at the hotel where you’re staying or guesthouse which scams you should look out for. Also, get an insight into what you should visit during your stay and the areas that you should avoid. Nobody knows better than those people who have been there or who live there year-round. Lastly, it is suggested to find a reputable tour guide or operator. It is the best way to explore the city so you’ll also have a proper introduction to the area. Also, you’ll have an opportunity to ask a series of questions like some safety tips.

Dress appropriately

As you fly to a foreign place for the first time, it is suggested that you dress like a local so you can blend in. If you’ll do the other way around, you risk more than just the annoying catcalls. For example, if you’re heading to Muslim countries, it is not advisable to wear shorts and tank tops as it is perceived as offensive. The right thing to do is to at least cover the shoulders and the knees. That’s why planning and researching before traveling is very important. So that you will be prepared and pack the appropriate clothing to wear. If you want to be respected, you must also respect the local’s customs and modesty levels.

Walking solo at night is a no-no

Walking alone at night makes someone feel relax and refresh however, walking alone in some countries could be dangerous. If you’re going out, it would be better if you’re in a group or you can ask at your guesthouse or hotel to be accompanied by someone else just to be safe.

Have spare copies of your important documents

We always hope for the best however, it is still important to be prepared for some worst-case scenarios. No one knows when it will happen to us. It is advisable to keep a copy of your important documents such as your passport, identity card, insurance card, and placed them in all bags that you bring with you. Aside from hard copies of it, be sure to keep also an electronic copy. 

Have a copy of the local emergency numbers

Before you depart, be sure to note down the local emergency number or ask the staff at the front desk for a much convenient and reliable answer. Still, we’re hoping that you never have to use it though it is always better to be prepared in any case you do need it.