4 Factors to Consider Before You Apply for PR in Singapore

Every year, tens of thousands of people apply for PR in Singapore. PR applicants have found it increasingly challenging with the nation’s strong economy and consistent GDP growth.

The following are the four most significant factors to consider when you apply to become a permanent resident in Singapore.

1. Successful Work

Every interested candidate is encouraged to succeed and gain recognition in their jobs. Your annual salary is significant when you apply for PR in Singapore. It indicates how well you can support yourself and your family. Working in an industry that the government focuses on is also relevant. Some of these include roles in research and development in a knowledge-intensive industry where talent is scarce.

2. Your Age

It is crucial to apply to become a permanent resident in Singapore as early as possible since it has an ageing population. Maintaining an age-balanced workforce is a priority for the country since it is critical for economic development. The blue pass from the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) becomes more challenging to obtain as you get older.

3. Expertise & Qualifications

Singapore receives an increasing number of applications under the Professionals/Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers Scheme each year (PTS Scheme). It means the quality of applicants is constantly improving. Apart from academic credentials, individuals who obtain certification to become subject-matter experts in specific fields are more likely to be favourably viewed when you apply for PR in Singapore.

4. Your Family Connections

Including your family when you apply for PR in Singapore and send it online shows your commitment and interest in staying in the country. The government also positively views families with children since they are more likely to grow up and make the island nation their home in the future.

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