Step-by-Step Guide on Your Tengah Singapore Living

Have you heard about Tengah properties developed by the Singapore Housing and Development Board (HDB)? Good for you when you’re familiar with this booming estate that will excite anyone for sure. But if you’re one of those who are clueless about what it has to offer, then you better start your research as you’re missing the excitement out of it!

Begin with the people inside your household and check if they’re familiar with Tengah properties offered by HDB. Ask them questions about what you should expect as soon as you relocate to what they’re putting up for sale. You may never know; some of your relatives are also keen on your idea to move into one of these modern homes today.

Never forget about your peers who also have plans in relocating with you and be one of your neighbours in Tengah. Consult them about HDB and its new town in Singapore to know more details on this latest community. Seek their advice on how you can secure your unit once you have decided to get one for you soon!

There might also be actual residents of this new Tengah town who publish their stories online that you can use as a reference while planning for your relocation. Read through their experiences and be amazed at what their community has stored for you. You can even share these with your relatives and friends to entice them more to move in with you.

Nonetheless, do your research to learn more about this new eco town in Singapore. Best if you could start with the reasons why you should choose to live there in the first place. Determine if they’re reasonable enough that you can now move out of your current home and transfer to one of these exciting building flats soon.

Why Choose to Live Here?

As mentioned, it would always be great to start your new life at Tengah town if you have established enough reasons why you should move in there. These may include some of your personal ones that may influence you as you make your decision. But here are some that will rouse your interest and work on your relocation papers immediately:

Eco-Friendly City

Expect your day to always begin with a view of nature since Tengah is an eco town in Singapore. Thanks to its forest corridor that spans across the city suitable for your everyday strolls. You can also visit other greeneries through several connections they made on reservoirs and parks in the region.

HDB also designed their newflats for its residents to live comfortably. You no longer need to worry about the region’s scorching hot season as their properties are strategically situated along its forest corridor to provide enough natural ventilation. Forget about your air-conditioning units, and enjoy the fresh breeze coming from the trees around your place.

Smart Solutions

They also promote the use of smart and eco-friendly solutions in Singapore. Start with their district cooling system that they centralize among its flats for everyone’s efficient usage. It doesn’t only save you from spending more, but it also ensures that you preserve the environment while living in your unit comfortably.

Apart from the centralized district cooling system, Tengah also installed smart technology features in almost all its facilities. These include their public lighting fixtures, elevator lifts, water irrigation supply, and even waste management systems. That’s more convenient for you without worrying much about its implications to the environment.

Natural Amenities

The eco town also encourages its residents to use its surroundings to promote more of its environment-friendly amenities. These include their forest corridor that you can always visit for your afternoon stroll or early morning jog. You can even schedule a trek with your friends to travel across its paved path effortlessly.

Tengah also highlights their newforest centre where you can do more recreational activities under the lush greeneries. Do kayaking on its crystal-clear lake that you and your friends will enjoy for sure! You can even drop by its auditorium to catch some programs or events they occasionally host for their residents.

Easy Access

Living in Tengah also brings the entire Singapore within your reach. Get to visit shopping hubs, recreational centres, public parks, and country clubs through different means that won’t take much of your time. You may even take the bus or the MRT and be at your go-to shopping mall within several minutes.

There are also shops and establishments within the estate that you can visit conveniently! You can either walk or cycle your way across the eco townthrough its pedestrian-friendly pavements and bicycle tracks. Thank their underground passageways since traffic is now away from you to make your daily stroll safer and worry-free.

Better Living

Most importantly, the new Tengah district promotes a better living option for you to discover and enjoy. You no longer need to worry much about your next home with their sustainable, advanced, and resident-friendly offers for you. Secure your flat now with them, and get ready to live your dream life in the region today!

But before you can even get excited about your possible new home in Tengah, would you know the process on how you can secure your first unit with them? Do your research if you’re again clueless about what you need to do to move forward with your relocation plans. Better yet, continue reading through to learn more about the steps in owning your unit the soonest.

Steps to Own Your Future Smart Unit

Now that you have enough reasons to stay in Tengah and own an HDB unit, you can start preparing for your flat acquisition soon. You may be familiar with how you should proceed if you’re a BTO homeowner before, but a refresher would help if there were updates on the process you previously knew. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting you through:

Eligibility Check

Begin with your qualifications to own a new Tengah unit in Singapore. First and foremost, you must be a legal citizen before you can even buy any flat for sale. Be ready to present several documents and papers showing your legitimacy as a rightful resident in the region. Prepare them beforehand in case they ask them from you.

There are also instances that you might be living together with someone. May it be your spouse, kids, parents, siblings, or peers, always be ready with documents to show their eligibility to settle with you in your new HDB flat. You should also be familiar with income restrictions that determine units you can only buy.

Extra Homeowner’s Tip! If you currently own another private or HDB property here in Singapore and abroad, you better release your ownership on it before you even file your application. Legal authorities require their applicants to let go of their assets within 30 months of their appeal. So, you might need to check on your prized possessions again above anything else.

Online Balloting

Once you’re eligible to own an HDB unit in the eco town of Tengah, you can now start placing your ballots on your desired flat. It’s the process where you elect yourself to be one of the proud owners of the property you’re eyeing for. It may sound easy, but balloting may also frustrate you as you try to acquire your brand-new home.

Find some time to check on the HDB online site to find Singapore flats for sale in Tengah. They usually announce it several months before the expected launch of their properties up for grabs. So, better visit their website regularly as your dream home in the eco-friendly city is now open for balloting!

Extra Homeowner’s Tip! Did you know that your acquisition of a new HDB unit depends on pure luck? Well, you can try several times based on the number of chances you can send in your ballots. Check their website to know more about your odds of being an owner of your desired flat soon.

Unit Selection

If you’re lucky enough, then expect to select your Tengah district flat within several weeks after sending in your ballot. It is when they’ll invite you for an appointment to book your desired unit from their offered properties. However, this again is another queue you need to wait until your turn comes up.

But when you’re again fortunate to pass the queue, you’re now several steps away from being a resident of this unique eco town in Singapore. Be ready with your identification cards, legal documents, financial records, and other papers needed for your relocation. They will also require you to submit your approved loan application forms if you’re getting one.

Extra Homeowner’s Tip! Bring with you some additional funds as you may need to settle a certain amount to secure your new HDB unit. It usually varies depending on the property you’re getting from them. Better check how much you need to prepare before you even confirm your appointment soon.

Agreement Signing

They will then give you four months to confirm your agreement upon booking your new Tengah district flat. You may either sign them right away or use the entire time frame to think about your decision. Besides, it’s a life-changing one that will affect you and your way of living significantly.

In some instances, homeowners use this time to prepare other documents needed for their relocation. These include your pending loan agreements, incomplete transfer papers, and missing records that you must complete before you can even move into your Tengah home in Singapore. Best if you can do it as early as now to prevent any delay on your transfer.

Extra Homeowner’s Tip! It has been a rule of thumb that you should read through any document before affixing your signature within. You must follow this unwritten rule as you sign your agreement for your new HDB unit. Review all terms included in the contract, and never hesitate to ask questions if there’s anything unclear about it.

Initial Payments

Lastly, prepare for your initial down payment upon submission of your signed lease agreement with them soon. Its amount usually depends on your agreed terms with HDB or any bank in Singapore. They also require you to settle it first before you even get their confirmation on your signed home contract.

There are also separate charges for several legal fees that you can settle via cash, provident funds, or both. You will also need to pay for your stamp duties based on the latest tax rates in the region today. Ask for some assistance from HDB Tengah officials if you have any concerns about these additional payments to settle.

Extra Homeowner’s Tip! Request a breakdown of other payables you need to settle before moving into your new home in Tengah. These should include the district cooling systems, utility fees, residential dues, and other possible expenses while staying within the estate. Nonetheless, do your research if they can’t provide one for you.

Are You Now Ready to Relocate?

If your answer to this question is a big “yes,” then you can now work on your relocation today! You can consider the logical reasons and use the step-by-step guide mentioned above to get your new Tengah unit in no time. Here are some additional tips to ensure your flawless and hassle-free home transfer soon:
  • Create your checklist of the essential things you should bring with you. These include your furniture sets, daily products, and home appliances you only need when moving into an eco district in Singapore. Always remember that they should be environment-friendly items to ensure that you’re living the right way.
  • Make a detailed timeline of the whole application process as you acquire your new Tengah unit. Review the procedures shared above to know your timeframe when you should expect to sign your lease agreement. Plan for it accordingly to avoid any delays on your supposed home transfer anytime soon.
  • Do your research on your different must-haves as soon as you transfer to Tengah town. These include your cooling systems, smart solutions, and home technologies that will make your stay more sustainable. It would also make everything uncomplicated while you nourish the beauty of nature within the estate.

Better yet, contact SP Home Pte Ltdnow to secure your district cooling and smart solution systems in time for your transfer soon. They also allow you to monitor all eco-friendly amenities within Tengah townright on your palms! Check their website now to know more about their advanced offers today.