3 Ways To Be There for a Friend During Hard Times

Whether your friend recently lost a loved one, was laid off from her job or is just having a hard day, here are three ways you can support your friend during tough times.

Send a Card

There’s something special about receiving a card from a friend. If you live far away from your friend, send her an e-card with her favorite song or images of you two together. It demonstrates that you’re willing to go beyond a simple text message and show that you’re there for her during her trials. If you live close by, print off a kindness cards and hand deliver the card with her favorite flowers. Whatever you decide to do, make it personal.

Order Her Favorite Food

When we’re feeling down, there’s nothing like an amazing cup of soup or afternoon espresso to brighten our mood. Whether you live down the block or across the country, you can make sure she gets her favorite snacks. Find a food delivery service, and get her favorite local pastries delivered right to her door. Something as simple as this can make a big difference to someone going through a hard time.

Call Her

Sometimes, all someone needs is a person to talk to. Whether she wants to talk about her problems or just wants someone to cry to, be there for her. When you call your friend, make sure it’s at a time when you are able to focus on the conversation. She won’t feel very supported if you’re too distracted to hear her out. Try not to discuss your personal hardships so that she has room to talk if she decides to. Remember to keep the conversation light and loving. 

Having a support system is incredibly important when life gets tough, so do the best you can to be that support system for your friend when she needs it.