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Reasons Why You Must Consider Service Apartments

Are you looking for a full-furnished and inexpensive place where you can permanently reside during your trip? Then you might consider booking affordable service apartments in Singapore for a hassle-free and comfortable stay while you’re in the region. If you’re familiar with such places, then you might get a little bit intimidated on how much it would cost you since they are known for offering hotel-like services to their guests.

Additionally, they have facilities such as gyms, wellness centres, recreational hubs, and pools that you can only find in high-end accommodations or lodges. They also offer services like in-room dining and housekeeping for their guests. Some rooms also have complete amenities as if you are at your home that may add to your uncertainty to book a stay.

But there are several reasons why you should consider staying at service apartments in SG. Here are some of them that might encourage you to book one for you and your loved ones. Moreover, look for these essential amenities in your temporary homes:

Home Renovations

It would be great if you can find a temporary home away from your home if you’re doing repairs in your living space. Your contractors may advise you to temporarily move out from your house as they fix your leaking pipes, replace your floorings, or rebuild your cracking walls. Some may require you to stay a bit longer as they may need several weeks or months to complete your home renovations.

Staying in a service apartment doesn’t only give you comfort, but it will also hasten your contractor’s work on finishing their project. They won’t get distracted by your kids running around or when you decide to cook in your kitchen. Furthermore, it secures you from any injuries or risks due to falling debris during the repairs. Protect yourself and your family by temporarily moving out your living space now!

Must-have amenities: Look for a place that has home-like features, furniture, and equipment. These include a spacious living room where you can comfortably relax as if you’re on your own. Some luxury service apartments in Singapore have complete kitchen set-ups where you can cook homemade cuisines and meals.

Moving Out

However, if your contractors won’t be able to salvage your old and wearing home, then you might consider relocating to a new one. You may also need to move out to prevent any hazards from your damaged home. Hence, consider moving in a service apartment to ease your burden while you search for a place where you can start anew.

You can also explore this option if you recently moved out from your parents’ home and want to settle down. Find a permanent place to stay in while you plan for your relocation or if you are already in the process of building your personal living space. Furthermore, spend your savings wisely by finding a service apartment in Singapore within your price range.

Must-have amenities: It will also save you more if you choose to stay in a temporary home that offers complimentary shuttle services that can transport you to different parts of the city. Ensure that they have stops in main thoroughfares and MRT stations where you can conveniently transfer in public buses or trains. It can also ease the hassle in your commute as you look for your new home.

Leisure Travel

Whether you’re staying for a short or long period, booking a service apartment in SG would make your trip more memorable. Enjoy a worry-free stay in the region during your travel. Keep your things secured in your place while you explore different tourist spots and attractions. You no longer need to bring your heavy luggage while you roam the market streets.

If you’re a budget traveller, you can still find affordable service apartments that will be enough for your pocket money. Experience the same amenities most high-end stays offer their guests while you save more on your travel. You only need to choose a reputable homestay that can ensure your safety and protection during your trip.

Must-have amenities: Aside from free shuttle services, look for a place that is near a shopping centre. It would be great if it’s conveniently located near or adjoining where you’re staying. Find a service apartment where you can easily access local restaurants, supermarkets, and recreational stores for your needs.

Remote Work

On the other hand, if you often travel for work, then it would be best if you book a place where you can comfortably stay while you finish your tasks remotely. Look for a service apartment near your Singapore office for your convenience. Never worry of coming in late to your meetings if you’re minutes away from the central business district.

It will also save you more on your travel expenses when you relocate to your temporary home. You no longer need to spend on your fares and endure the hassle of commuting if you can comfortably walk to your office. Moreover, save from expensive maintenance repairs to ensure your work vehicle is at its optimal condition.

Must-have amenities: Book an SG service apartment that has a business centre that can help you complete your duties and projects. It will ease your workload if they offer printing, scanning, photocopying, and faxing services. Some homestays offer meeting rooms that you can rent for several hours.

Staycation Experience

Nonetheless, you can stay in luxury apartments in Singapore like Great World Serviced Apartments for leisure and relaxation. They have an array of facilities that will make your staycation experience in the region unforgettable. These include swimming pools, lounges, gymnasiums, and sports centres. No need to look for must-have amenities as they’ve got it all for you!