Buy the Right Piano Based on Your Preference

Are you currently holed up at home and got nothing to do while you wait for the year to end? Well, it’s not yet too late to acquire some new skills that you can showcase during your family Christmas party. Impress them more when you learned to play and master a musical instrument – like a keyboard – within a short period.

It may intimidate you at first to buy a piano for sale in a Singapore music store. Aside from acquiring a newfound talent, did you know that there are many health benefits when you hit the keys? Here are some of them that may convince you of getting one:

  • It improves your focus and concentration skills since you’re multitasking every time you use it. You are required to use your hands for the keys, feet for the pedals, eyes to read music sheets, and ears to listen to your played notes.
  • Most piano players in Singapore also shared how their hobby enriches their brain functions. They experienced changes in their memory, speech, attention, and spatial abilities. Some hobbyists also play the instrument to relieve their stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Aside from your brain, it also nourishes your physical health as it regulates your respiratory and heart rates. It lowers your risk of developing cardiac problems and blood pressure-related conditions. Furthermore, it improves your motor skills that are essential for your well-being.
  • Lastly, piano enthusiasts in Singapore also experienced improvements in their emotions as they feel more positive and livelier when they use the instrument. Some studies support its efficacy in increasing your body’s production of Human Growth Hormones (HGH). These are essential factors in making you more energized when you do your daily tasks.

These health benefits may now persuade you to invest in one. But they aren’t enough reasons for you to decide on what keyboard you must get for yourself. More than your piano preferences, liking, and their price, here’s a detailed comparison between an acoustic and digital keyboard that may help you choose the right instrument for you:


The first thing you should consider when buying any piano for sale is its size. You may notice on your first music shop visit that they vary in dimensions and weight. Traditional ones are bulkier compared with modern keyboards as they have distinctions in terms of their sound, keys, and tone. Manufacturers also use specific materials on creating them to create their unique features.

So, before you make your purchase, ensure that you find the perfect spot in your home where you can place your keyboards. Take the necessary measurements while considering few space allowances for your instrument. Consider the weather and temperature conditions on your chosen spot before deciding that it’s the right place for your purchase.

Never expose acoustic keyboards in direct sunlight. Too much heat, as well as temperature changes, affect wooden components of most acoustic piano brands in Singapore today. Thus, it might be vulnerable to damages, and it may negatively impact how your instrument sounds.


Sound is also an important aspect that you need to consider whenever you decide to get your keyboard at home. Some may tell you that it’s subjective and it depends on your preference, but you should choose one that produces a full and round tone when you hit the keys. You may ask assistance from music technicians from the store or seek advice from piano experts in Singapore that may help you in choosing the best one.

Digital keyboards may produce more tones compared with acoustic variants since they can play different pre-recorded sounds. Some even tag them as autoplay piano since all you must do is press several buttons on your board, and you’re ready to mix multiple tones in one sitting. It may be an edge of getting modern keyboards as you can easily change tracks while playing.

But then again, a good sound is subjective, and it varies depending on your liking. Choose the right instrument that has the perfect consistency, loudness, and tone that suits your ears. Trust the experts and use their shared tips to find the best keyboards for you.


It is also essential that you test the keys when you subject yourself to comparisons of different piano brands you find in the music store. Imagine that you’re typing on your computer’s keyboard but with more resistance in your every press. That is how your keys should feel when you press them on your instrument. It should also have proper cushioning to lessen the shock your fingers receive while you play it.

In terms of the number of keys you should expect, most digital pianos sold in Singapore have less compared with acoustic variants. The latter has 88, whereas modern keyboards have at least 61 keys. It may be fewer depending on the number of pre-recorded tones you can use in them.

Whether you opt for more or fewer keys, you must ensure that they are comfortable for you. You should also check each key’s surface and inspect for any damage or crack before completing your order. Moreover, choose a piano for sale that is smooth from its keys down to its pedals.

Other Features

Lastly, autoplay pianos have more unique features compared with its counterpart. You can expect built-in metronomes, pre-recorded tracks, and multiple sounds from different instruments on modern keyboards nowadays. Some even have extra modes where you can know the next keys to press as they light up for your guidance.

These features may be great for beginner pianists like you! Nevertheless, choose the right keyboards that fit your preferences and these criteria. Furthermore, you should only buy from a reputable music shop in Singapore that sells high-quality pianos at affordable prices today! Visit STEINWAY GALLERY SINGAPORE now to find the perfect keyboards for you!