What to Do Before Buying Silver

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Ever heard of the phrase “born with a silver spoon”? It means to be blessed with great wealth from a young age. But where does the phrase come from? It seems like silver, luxury, and wealthiness have been linked to each other for what seems like millennia. To own silver items is a blessing. Silver, along with gold and platinum, have been considered “precious metals” for many years, harvested, shaped, and worn by aristocrats and other rich members of society since the dawn of civilization.

Silver has had many uses. Including being shaped as jewelry and accessories. Let’s learn more about silver jewelry.

A short intro about jewelry

What is jewelry? Jewelry is a term used to describe items made from materials such as rare stones, precious metals, or other valuable things.  Sometimes they’re accessories, like bracelets or rings, or maybe even other items like watches.

Even if it’s a rarely inexpensive piece, people still choose to treasure it. Why? Because of other factors, such as personal value. When one thinks of value, they may use it to mean something of tangible value, like money, or something of personal value, like a favorite toy.  Jewelry can be both of those things– adding to personal wealth while also being of personal significance to you. It is one of the few things that are both. It just stirs something primal in humans, making it a part of our culture for thousands of years.

The most precious jewelry are accessories built to last lifetimes, become more valuable over time, and act as sturdy heirlooms to be inherited. If you find yourself a good one, they serve as good investments. Nowadays, people buy and sell jewelry online as well as through other means, making it a very valuable channel.

Silver jewelry

Silver is a metal that is grey in color but has a shiny luster. When most people think of silver and its uses, they think of jewelry. But silver has many other properties that make it more useful for various purposes. It’s an excellent conductor of electricity, for one, so it’s used for many scientific, engineering, and technological purposes.

It is also, surprisingly, hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Cheaper metals like bronze can irritate the skin, so silver is a good substitute for those in medical instruments and equipment.

The problem with silver is that it’s actually not durable enough in its purest state. Pure silver is soft. What’s actually in jewelry such as silver bracelets, bangles, and rings is an alloy made up of silver and a harder metal mixed in for added durability.

Why get silver jewelry?

This shiny metal has captivated our imaginations for a long time, second only to gold. It’s very malleable and extremely pleasing to the eye, aesthetically speaking.  It is known for its understated elegance, being versatile enough to be paired with many outfits, as well as be shaped into many different accessories.

Buying silver jewelry online

If you’re interested in purchasing silver, you might encounter a few difficulties along the way. Due to its popularity, silver jewelry is sold in many shops, from international brands to local pawn shops.

You can even buy from online sites like A Kind OOOF!  But it can be hard to discern which from the dizzying array of retailers to buy from, so how does one ensure that they’re buying only the best quality jewelry? Here are some things to heed before buying your first piece in the collection.

  • Contact or talk to the seller. If it’s possible, having a chat or contacting the shop before buying is a good way to know the authenticity of your silver jewelry. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, you have a right to make sure you are buying a product. Expensive jewelry pieces (like ones made of sterling silver) need to be verified for their purity before proceeding.
  • Check for any defining marks stating its purity. Be careful, especially when buying an accessory made from high-grade silver as you may fall victim to inferior-quality pieces. High-quality silver usually has marks denoting its purity.
  • Compare and contrast silver prices. If it’s too good to be true, think twice. Sterling silver is a prized commodity, and demand drives its prices up. Research carefully on the prices of silver and compare them to the one you want to buy. If it’s cheap, it may be fake or low-quality.
  • Scrutinize online sites carefully. Buying online may carry its own risks, but it doesn’t have to be too risky if you’re careful. Check for shipping policies, refund policies, and returns policies, and read them carefully. Do they have a physical store? Visit them if you’re able so you can talk to the seller.

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