Keeping Your Employees Comfortable at Work

Creating a comfortable work environment for your employees not only keeps them happy but keeps them in good health for better work productivity. Having the correct ergonomic work set up is one way to keep them healthy. Here are some options to consider when setting up an office.


One of the essential ergonomic tools Sacramento CA you can provide to your employees is a good chair. Some things to look for are a chair that supports the spine so an individual can sit up straight and have their back supported. When sitting at a desk for many hours a day, it’s easy to slump over, creating aches and pains in their shoulders and back. The best chair has armrests set up to the height that allows your employee to rest their elbows at a 90-degree angle while typing, and the back is supportive and slightly reclined to 110 degrees.


Since everyone comes in all shapes and sizes, the desk should also be adjustable as well. The desk must sit above a person’s knees but be low enough that their arm reaches the keyboard without being bent beyond the 90-degree resting angle. Another option for proper keyboard alignment is installing a keyboard tray below the desk for those shorter than the desk can accommodate. If your employee wants more freedom to move around, some desks are adjustable for both sitting and standing, giving them the option to stretch and move throughout the day without leaving their workstation.


Recent research has shown that keyboards, especially the compact ones of a small laptop, are not ideal for long-term use. The best product is a split keyboard that keeps your arms shoulder-width apart. Though this is a quirky design and requires some getting used to, the setup is better for your employee’s wellbeing. Another option is to keep the number pad separate from the keyboard, giving the user more room to keep the mouse closer to their natural wrist position.