Why Do UPSC Candidates Consider Sociology as A Safe Optional Subject?

After you have cracked the UPSC Prelims, it is time to buck up for the UPSC Mains. In the UPSC Mains, there is an optional paper, where a candidate has to choose one subject from the 48 available subjects. The optional paper is divided into papers I and II – both summing up to 500 marks. Mostly, it has been noticed that IAS aspirants choose sociology as their optional subject. Further, it has been noted that the success rate of sociology is more compared to other subjects. So, if you have taken up sociology and are struggling with it, you can join the best sociology optional coaching online

You must be wondering why candidates choose sociology as their optional subject. First, of course, there are advantages to choosing sociology. So, without further delay, let us look at the benefits that sociology, as an optional subject, can serve an IAS aspirant. 

  • Scoring subject 

One of the reasons IAS aspirants choose sociology and consider it a safe option is its capacity to make you get a better score. If you can write things relevant to the question that has been asked of you, you are sure to get good marks. Therefore, when you prepare a timetable for studying the optional sociology paper, make sure you devote at least two hours behind the subject. 

  • Popular choice 

Since many IAS aspirants take up sociology as their optional subject, you can get help from many aspirants. Be it study materials or previous years’ question papers, and you can get all of it from them. Also, you will get to hear from them about how to deal with the subject, the approach that you should take to cover the sociology syllabus soon, how you should revise to retains things in your mind, etc. 

  • Concise and easy syllabus 

As you can understand from the name of the subject, sociology deals with the study of society at large. In short, how society works, how people can contribute to the community, the effect of governmental decisions on society are all that sociology deals with. Therefore, when you study the various sociology topics, relating to them will not be a difficult task for you. Besides, for studying sociology as your UPSC optional paper, you do not need any background knowledge. 

  • Helps in writing better essays 

There is an essay paper in the UPSC exam that is vital as you have to write essays on topics given in the question paper. Studying sociology helps write better articles because you develop an analytical mind to handle topics critically. However, if you are still struggling with both the essay and sociology paper, you can reach out to the best sociology optional coaching in Delhi. 

  • Overlaps with the general studies paper 

Some topics overlap with each paper of the general studies. Hence, once you study and cover all the topics of sociology, you will be able to answer them for the general studies. 

  • Helps to answer well in the personality test 

After you can crack the UPSC Mains, you have to appear for the personality test or the interview round where questions are asked based on your personality and whatever you have studied so far. Of course, bookish knowledge helps here to some extent. But, at the same time, the way to analyze different topics of sociology also helps to understand and answer the questions of the interviewer. 


Therefore, now that you know why IAS aspirants choose sociology, it will be easier for you to cover up the syllabus and start revising. Lastly, always join any sociology test series, this is not optional but compulsory part of your preparation. Your guide will give you proper feedbacks about your strength and weaknesses. This will help you not to commit such mistakes during UPSC mains exam.

Finally, whatever subject you select for your optional paper, make sure you are interested in studying it.