3 Tips for Excellent Phone Ettiquette

As technology progresses, the art of telephone conversation may be becoming lost. It’s so easy to send a text message or email, but that doesn’t replace a good talk, where it’s often easier to convey emotion and harder to misread someone’s intentions. If you’re looking to improve the service at your business, consider telecom services and start nurturing your clients today, using these tips for keeping the conversation going.

  1. Reach Out

The first step to talking to someone on the phone is as simple as getting in touch with them. Make time to call your business associates and family. Put it on the calendar to have regular touchpoints with them. You might be surprised to see how much that contact means to them.

  1. Say Please and Thank You

Being polite goes a long way! Remember your manners. People like to be appreciated. It’s easy to forget the niceties, and it will go a long way towards winning clients over and showing loved ones they are respected when you remember the basics.

  1. Make a List

If you struggle during a conversation with what to talk about, write it out before you place a call to someone. After phoning them, record the topics that were covered so you can follow up next time. Plus, if talking with a business contact, make notes about some of the personal details that they mention and bring them up in the future. It will mean a lot to them that you bothered to remember details about their family or their favorite sport. It could be the difference between making a sale and losing it.

Phone conversation is a great way to win friends and influence people. Using a few easy methods, you can do just that. Take a few minutes to step out of your email inbox and start making personal connections.