How to Merge Multiple Articles into One Single Article in WordPress

There can be several reasons why you would want to merge several articles into one unit.  It can help organize a website, create better engagement, reduce bounce rate, make users act on “Call To Action” and more.

So, with these benefits, you would be wondering how you can accomplish it. Let us know the right way to merge several articles on a website. WP 301 Redirect is a wonderful plugin that helps in the removal of old links, old content, bad links, and typos in URLs. This results in a massive gain of users, conversions, and traffic. This plugin is made by Web Factory Ltd.

Reasons to merge multiple articles into one unit

One of the reasons could be to reuse old articles on specific topics, and merge them with the recent one. This will form a completely new article. Another reason could be to declutter the website content, as a part of maintenance activity. The third reason is that longer articles reap higher SEO benefits.

These articles create better engagement and keep the users on the website for a longer time. It enhances the rate of conversions too. A large text can cover more topics, and rank for a greater number of keywords, etc. This can result in more exposure, relevance, and high search engine rankings.

Steps To Follow To Merge Articles into One Article

Choose related articles

The right selection of articles is very important when you want to merge them. They should cover the same topic, offer the same, relative, or opposite perspective. Such a combination of articles will make sense.

Create a URL for the new article

After combining articles, you will get a new one. The next step is to create a link for it. Also, you need to modify internal linking within the web pages.  You will now need to link your old articles to the news article with the new URL.

Make proper redirects

Redirect holds a lot of importance when it comes to SEO. If the webpages are not properly linked, then it can harm the overall SEO of a website. It is very important that all internal and external links that were earlier linked to the old articles, will now link to the new one. Redirecting can be a tricky process. You can make it simpler by using “WP 301 Redirects” plugin in WordPress sites.

Delete the old articles

Once you have successfully merged articles and performed redirecting, remove the old articles. Their presence can lead to duplicate content that is not acceptable by Google.


Merging articles is gaining traction, and has become a standard practice for several blogs. When you merge articles, ensure that the redirects are set up correctly and the old/expired pages are eliminated. This shows that you have merged multiple articles successfully. Merged articles rank higher on search engines and provide you better visibility, and conversions.

Simple authors box for WordPress is another beneficial tool that helps WordPress bloggers, or website owners to manage multiple users on the website. When you install this plugin, it adds a responsive author box at the end of the post.