How to Find the Right Therapist and Affordable Therapy

Mental health is one of the biggest concerns of modern civilization. Many things can cause stress or trauma, from career objectives to relationship expectations. Life can already be challenging enough if you are dealing with some mental health problems.

Fortunately, these issues are being addressed, and the right therapist can help you lead a normal life again.

But whether you are searching for individual or group therapy in Pasadena, CA, you must consider a few things beforehand.

After all, the bond between you and your therapist will determine how well you respond to the sessions.

Points to find the right therapist near you are:

Search the local resources

Believe it or not, mental health is a significant concern in Pasadena and all over California. About one in six adults in California have a mental illness. Despite having a peaceful life, the people of Pasadena, too, are not exempted from this.

But there are not enough people who seek or receive treatment accordingly. Reports suggest that mental health providers consult hundreds of patients per year, which is much less than other providers.

On the other hand, almost 35% of homeless people in Pasadena suffer from severe mental health problems without any solution.

Fortunately, organizations like the Pasadena Public Health Department address these issues. They also provide mental health services to eligible people in Pasadena and nearby communities of California.

This is why you should always begin with searching for local resources. While students can seek help from counseling centers, employed professionals can reach out to the human resource team for assistance.

Seek help from various organizations in your area

Another resource to consider when dealing with particular mental health problems is the group of local therapists. You can contact them through the public helpline number or a national association.

For example, the Pasadena Public Health Department promotes “Project Pasadena,” which is a local support network. The volunteer-based project aims at helping children, families, and older adults with persisting mental health conditions. The project also provides virtual support.

You can get reasonable assistance from organizations like the Anxiety and Depression Association of America and the National Center for PTSD.

These are great resources for working professionals with job anxiety and stress. But you can also ask your employer to connect you with a local therapist in Pasadena.

Try out group therapy sessions.

Group therapy is an excellent solution if you are a shy individual or lack confidence. You can receive the support and encouragement you need, which you may miss out on in a one-on-one session with a therapist.

Victims of domestic and sexual abuse or other traumatic experience will find relief in group therapy in Pasadena, CA. You can even go deeper into your issue with the help of others who have suffered similar traumas.

For example, you can get referrals from fellow members who probably have benefitted from cognitive behavioral therapy or eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy.


From the above discussion, you can now understand the various problems related to mental health. It tells you about the problems, but you can also find the solution with the right therapist.

Follow the above tips, and you can find a suitable therapist in Pasadena, CA, who can help you out.

With time and enough mental support, you may even find the courage to speak out about your issues better. Nonetheless, your first experience with the therapist must go well.