What Are The Significant Differences Between H1 And H2 Math?

After secondary school is one of the most tumultuous times for prospective students. Prior to entering junior college, every young Singaporean must think about what kind of university program or career path they want to pursue for the future. And part of that process will involve deliberating on the subjects that they have to take once they choose what field of study they choose to go into.

Nearly all students will find that a comprehensive knowledge of mathematics is key to going far in their chosen career path. That’s why higher mathematics is part of the curriculum of many university courses, from medicine to business to engineering and other technical fields. If you’re planning to take any STEM field or even ones related to business and economics, you’re going to have to take JC maths.

But you don’t have to go through your struggles entirely alone. There are many maths tutors and study supplements that can assist you in understanding the topics you find difficult to grasp in your classes.

More about A-level maths

Also known as JC maths, A-level mathematics is a basic subject that needs to be completed by every junior college student. Passing your A level maths is a minimum requirement for most university courses. However, just because this mathematics subject is a minimum requirement does not mean you should slack off in your studies. It is dissimilar to elementary level maths not only because it is harder but because it will introduce you to new concepts, as well as teach you complex computations and techniques that you may not have encountered in your earlier studies. If you want to adjust to these new challenges the best you can, then finding the right JC H2 or H1 math tuition centre that fits your learning style is the first thing you have to do.

Wondering if you need to take H1 or H2 mathematics? Let’s learn more about them and the differences between them.

H1 and H2 mathematics

Short for Higher-1 and Higher-2 mathematics, H1 and H2 math are the two different levels of maths that students will encounter when they reach their junior college years. The level of mathematics that they choose to take will serve as a requirement for when they take higher education at their university. Therefore, choosing whether to take H1 or H2 mathematics is crucial to pursuing the career path they want to take.

Before anything else, they should check the course requirements of the university program they want to get into so they know exactly what to take.

A comparison between H1 and H2 maths



1) The number and types of university courses that you can take.

If you take H2 mathematics in junior college, you will be able to take a wider range of courses as compared to H1 mathematics. H2 maths is a requirement for STEM courses since they use maths extensively, while H1 maths is suitable for courses like business and economics.

2) The breadth of topics that are taught.

It’s somewhat true that H1 level mathematics is simpler than H2 maths. The scope of topics in H2 mathematics alone will require a working knowledge and application of certain formulae and analytical skills. Students who take H2 mathematics should be prepared to work on more complex problems. This is why H2 math tuition shouldn’t be overlooked for those who are planning to take it. However, those who choose to take H1 maths should also know that they shouldn’t underestimate the difficulty of their classes as well.

3) The scope of their examinations.

Mathematics exams are always gruelling, but one is clearly more extensive than the other Math exams on the H1 level consists of one paper with an allotted timespan to complete it worth three hours. Meanwhile, math exams on the H2 level are literally twice as difficult; they have to complete two papers that are both worth three hours long, for a combined total of six hours for their exam.

Whether you choose to take H1 and H2 mathematics, deciding to take either means that you are aware of the role that mathematics will play in your future. It’s time to start taking your maths classes seriously! Start by finding the best H2 maths tuition centre o help you gain a foothold in your studies.

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