Hidden SD-WAN Features That Will Make Your Life Easier

One of the hidden features of SD-WAN is its Application-centric design, which prioritizes the traffic based on its use. For example, Speedee Mart, a small convenience store, uses SD-WAN to process credit card transactions, and the managed service provider handles network issues for the store. With SD-WAN or software-defined wide area networking, Speedee experiences 100% uptime. It also has zero carbon paper usage and no need for any carbon paper.

Data Analytics Helps Troubleshoot Network Performance

Network performance is a significant concern for businesses today, and data analytics can help companies to detect and resolve the underlying causes. Various factors can impact network performance, including network congestion, slow speed, and insufficient bandwidth. Therefore, it is essential for network administrators to diagnose these issues quickly and accurately, so they can quickly and efficiently implement solutions. Using data analytics tools is a great way to achieve this goal.

Network performance issues can result from many factors, from faulty network devices to DDoS attacks. Network engineers must gather data from both the physical and application layers to troubleshoot these problems. Then, they can apply predictive analytics to get an accurate picture of network performance. Using data analytics tools, network engineers can identify root causes and make changes to improve network performance. This process can be highly automated with the use of analytics tools.

Application-Centric SD-WAN Prioritizes Traffic

An Application-centric SD-WAN prioritizes traffic based on application. For example, a police department will have a separate network from the mayor’s office. Likewise, an SDWAN supports multiplexed VPNs, which enable virtual routing and forwarding on a single physical WAN link. Its capabilities also extend to setting up policies for different divisions and departments. The overall benefits of an Application-centric SD-WAN are many.

An application-centric SD-WAN uses software to process and analyze data as an alternative to traditional routers with routing tables. When a packet is sent, it is assigned a label and a predefined path to improve performance. This makes cloud connectivity more flexible, convenient, and secure. In addition, application-centric SD-WAN can be deployed over a standard Internet connection. It is possible to configure application-centric SD-WAN to extend your current network infrastructure, thereby increasing its versatility.

Cloud-Based Web Management Interface

The cloud-based web management interface for SD-WAN provides centralized control over network functions. This makes SD-WAN a versatile and scalable solution that can scale across many endpoints. With SD-WAN, businesses can streamline branch infrastructure by integrating network services in any location. A cloud-based web management interface makes the entire process completely automated, allowing IT staff to focus on other tasks. It also allows WAN optimization. By eliminating the need for network appliances at every branch office, a company can drastically reduce the number of network devices they need.

With SD-WAN, companies have complete visibility and control of their network architecture. They are freed from the limitations of traditional networking tools and can manage all aspects of their network from a single point. They can apply role-based access policies to users and control network resources and applications access. They can also automate and orchestrate the performance of hybrid cloud infrastructure. The cloud-based web management interface for SD-WAN provides an easy way to monitor the performance of network resources, including virtual servers, virtual machines, and physical network infrastructure.

Easy Deployment

SD-WAN simplifies network deployment by removing the need for complex, error-prone configurations. SD-WAN configuration templates allow you to define network service chains with drag-and-drop, automate service chain management, and use workflows to direct traffic. These templates make network configurations fast and easy, improving productivity and efficiency. These templates can also be reused across multiple branch offices, enabling service providers and enterprises to streamline their deployment process.

The advantage of an SD-WAN deployment is the ability to use it across multiple locations without having to purchase expensive hardware and maintain it on-site. This enables enterprises to expand their branch offices and move locations without disrupting their network performance. Another great benefit is accessing mission-critical applications and services without any delays or interruptions. Your employees can work anywhere with consistent performance and seamless access to SD-WAN. Users can access mission-critical applications with consistent performance at a remote location or in the corporate headquarters.