3 Reasons Why You Should Apply For An IB Programme In Singapore

Many schools or universities give the best quality education with their corresponding curriculum. A student’s growth is tested through the progress of learning with various teaching techniques that sharpen their cognitive thinking skills, performance skills, artistry and more.

If you are looking for high-quality education, why don’t you try enrolling in Singapore and getting an international school admission? Singapore schools give the best performing education, which is great for a learner’s development.

International Baccalaureate, or an IB programme in Singapore, is a leader in worldwide education. It promotes steadfast and quality education that cultivates young people who are curious, intelligent, self-assured, and compassionate. The programs enable school-aged students to take charge of their learning and support the development of skills that will enable them to flourish in a world undergoing rapid change.

Get to know what an IB programme in Singapore is, and learn more about why you should apply for an IB programme.

Understanding The Concept Of the IB Programme In Singapore


Taking an IB programme in Singapore is worthwhile for students who want to graduate with a recognised credential and gain admission to prestigious colleges. It is also for individuals who want to save up to 32 college credits and access IB programme specific scholarships. However, IB courses, on the other hand, are quite challenging and expensive.

But if you are interested in taking up an IB programme in Singapore, you can do it despite any obstacles you may face. It is within a learner’s heart to be passionate about learning because the fruit of its season will bear great success as a student, as a future employee or even as a future business owner.

The IB programme in Singapore offers courses that will challenge your time management skills. However, pursuing knowledge is a tough road to face, but with a clear direction.

The International Baccalaureate or IB programme you can find in Singapore is a secondary school curriculum that provides students with a well-rounded education. It includes language study, humanities study, maths study, scientific study, art study, and a service-learning component. Six disciplines are required and should be accomplished, one from each, and each has rigorous coursework.

Students must also fulfil their CAS (creativity, activity, and service) requirements on top of everything else. Anyone who has completed the program will confirm that the workload is rigorous.

A top Indian international school in Singapore is also perfect for you to enrol. Their programmes give out multiple choices you may choose from in preference to which you are interested in taking in.

The Central Board of Secondary Education, or CBSE, is a national education board regulated by the Indian Union Government for both public and private schools in India. Students who attend international schools that offer an IB programme can see their exam results on the CBSE results day.

Now that you know what an IB programme is and its concepts look further into why you should apply for an IB programme in Singapore.

3 Reasons Why You Should Apply For An IB Programme In Singapore


1. Gives out a unique community.

You will meet different people if you apply for an IB programme in Singapore. You will gain new and fresh experiences from them. Learning personalities and the cultures of these people gives a great advantage in the process of your stay in that particular school.

It gives you a rare chance to learn from a group of young people from different countries. Different languages, approaches to problem-solving, customs, and traditions are also represented, which enriches students’ social, emotional, and academic growth as they interact with classmates from around the world.

It is a great opportunity for you to experience because not everyone can afford to experience this. You would gain friends and different leanings that, in time, will be accurately beneficial to you.

You will have someone to be excited and anxious with to see your CBSE international result during the CBSE results day. Plus, what you learn from these people is out of the books, curriculums and such. You learn by experiencing a student’s life in an IB programme in Singapore.

2. Enhance your time management skills.

Taking up an IB programme in Singapore will mould your characteristics, such as how to manage your time skillfully and excellently. You will learn how to develop the ability to handle a wide range of concurrent tasks with occasionally incompatible timelines. When you are balancing multiple courses and tests in college, this experience will give you the advantage.

3. Improve your research and critical thinking skills.

Critical thinking is a fundamental principle of an IB programme in Singapore. The curriculum encourages students to look at the world critically, questioning how information is created and how trustworthy research is, especially in the scientific fields. Such a skill is helpful in higher education since it enables you to analyse the material you are studying critically and, maybe, politely disagree with a professor.

In conclusion, although you might face some tough challenges in taking an IB programme in Singapore, it will test your skills and abilities as time goes by. The quality of education is guaranteed to be a top one.

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