Five Places You Have To See While Traveling To Borobudur

Borobudur is situated in Magelang town that’s known among the seven wonders of the earth. No wonder that this area became a favourite tourist destination in Indonesia. Travellers from all around the world have visited here.

However, do you wish to devote your vacation entirely only to pay a go to Borobudur Temple? You’re going to overlook something! Particularly when you’re eager to travel across states to arrive. However, you do not appreciate tourist attractions as numerous as you can. There are several exciting attractions to see, and the place isn’t too much from Borobudur. Listed below are a few of these:


Situated about 30 Km in Borobudur Temple, you can visit Ketep Pass. This spot is situated on Sawangan Hill using all the altitude of 1200 meters above sea level (masl). From that hilltop, tourists will be able to observe the scenery of Mount Merapi and Merbabu.

Ketep Pass also offers varied amenities. It is possible to see the Museum of Volcanology or watch educational films in a mini theatre which is available at the top of the hill. There are also two binoculars used to observe the perspective of Mount Merbabu or Merapi closely. And, there are a few gazebos for tourist comfort areas.


About ten minutes into the north of Borobudur Temple, there is a tourist attraction called Camera House. If in some various large cities there are Upside Down Town, then Magelang includes Camera House. This place provides instagrammable photograph locations. Away from the area, you can try posing with the backdrop of Camera House construction in the form of a DSLR camera. Inside, you’ll discover some paintings to get a background of photos.

Seeing this place, you may be thinking whether the homeowner is a photographer or a hobbyist of photographs; however, your guess is wrong since the owner of this house is a painter. The owner of this house is Mr. Tanggol, he’s from Semarang who lived in Bali at a very long time. Mr. Tanggol is the man who has spent his years in the business of painting, and he’s received various awards.


Bukit Rhema as called Chicken Church can be a must-visit location which you’re likely to lose lots of adventures if you overlook this location, when travelling to Borobudur, particularly, since it becomes just one of the filming areas of Ada Apa Dengan Cinta (AADC) 2. Also, the uniqueness of the building design makes it an ideal place for searching for instagrammable photographs.

You can truly feel the feeling of personal sunrise with this mountain, compared to Puthuk Setumbu that is packed mainly with people. Additionally, Bukit Rhema entry tickets are much less pricey as when viewing the sunrise through Manohara Hotel; IDR 275.000 each individual. Here, you merely pay an entry ticket of IDR 15,000 each individual for a local tourist destination and IDR 30,000 for the foreign tourist destination.


Seeing Candirejo Tourism Village is also an intriguing tourist activity which can be done throughout travelling to Borobudur. This tourism village is located just about 5.5 Km in Borobudur Temple and can be reached in no longer than 15 minutes.

There are lots of local and foreign tourists who stop by at this Village Tourism of Candirejo hamlet since the presence of the tourist village can’t be separated in the history of the grandest temple establishment in Southeast Asia.

Inside this tourism village, most tourists can perform many activities. You can try to walk around the village on foot or by horse riding. Furthermore, you might attempt to find the resident’s art functionality.

Tourists have the opportunity to interact more closely with the surrounding community by staying in the resident’s home. Furthermore, you will understand the thrill of this Nyadran Traditional Ceremony functionality, which continually is done every couple of ‘Ruwah’ based on the Javanese calendar.


Finally, you can try to feel the warmth in the Hot Water Bath of all Umbul Temple (Candi Umbul). This location can be found at Kartoharjo Village, Grabag, Magelang District, maybe not too far from Borobudur; approximately 38 kilometres. Such as the Borobudur temple, the Umbul Temple (Candi Umbul) can also be a relic of the Syailendra House who once controlled the region of Central Java.

Inside this temple area, you’ll see the occurrence of two pools. The initial pool is placed at the top, and it is a hot water pool. Meanwhile, the second swimming pool is a regular pool with cold water. Some said that both of these pools were used to be bathing places for noble princesses.

It’s guaranteed that you will miss coming to the areas above again someday. You just only set aside a few hours to go there and the locations of those areas are indeed far from Borobudur. Interested?

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