Four Place to Visit in Banyuwangi  

For many Indonesians and a few foreigners, Banyuwangi is popularly known as a stopover when travelling into the celestial Island of the Gods, Bali. Little do they understand, Banyuwangi retains over just a few hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

Located to the eastern tip of Java, Banyuwangi is a fantastic base for exploring a number of East Java’s memorable features. Here is where you can begin your adventure to the magnificent electric-blue flame of Ijen Crater, conquer the impressive Mount Raungor tackle the legendary surfer’s seven rolls of waves at G-Land.

What else could you do here? Read below for an outline of all the items to do Banyuwangi.

1 | Explore beachfront

Fun in the sun is not overrated, and Banyuwangi is your place that provides a number of the very fun in the sun you can look for in Java or even Bali. The best part? Most of the beaches in and near this region are still untouched and clean making them the ideal spot for a secluded escapade.

Diving, snorkelling and tanning are just a couple of the regular activities to perform in a few of Banyuwangi’s shores which contain several of the most beautiful underwater biotas. On the other hand, the region’s coast offers much more.

Some of the area’s best sunny escapes are Tabuhan Island, an ideal spot for kiteboarding; the captivating Pulau Merah (Red Island) beach with its red sand and dirt, ideal for users that wish to practice tube; the most enchanting Grajagan beach with its sand and traditional fishers ready to carry you on a conventional fishing journey, also ideal for surfers who wish to ride waves; and the mythical Plengkung shore, or G-Land, famous for the seven rolls of waves which could reach around 6 meters, a genuine challenge for specialist surfers across the world.

2 | Conquer Volcanoes

Banyuwangi can be home to some of Indonesia’s most incredible volcanoes and craters. Among the very massive volcanoes in this area is Mount Raung, which stands 3,282 meters over sea level. One of those paths for hiking to the top of Mount Raung is regarded as among the most extreme mountain climbs from Indonesia. This is ideal for daredevils who want to test their wits and endurance against nature. The trip could, of course, be totally worth it after you get to the top.

However, do you understand why many folks flock to the stratovolcano complicated? This mesmerizing spectacle may frequently be viewed streaming down the mountain during the night. The blue flame is light in the combustion of sulfuric gases which originate from cracks from the volcano at elevated temperature and pressure. When they are in contact with the atmosphere, they spark, sending flames to five meters.

Do you’ve got the audacity to overcome some of the deadliest yet fascinating volcanoes found in the planet’s Ring of Fire?

  1. Attend Festivals

Banyuwangi Festival 2016 is a yearly year-long festival held from the Banyuwangi regency management. This event comprises tens of thousands of events and festivals held throughout the year. This season, the festival kicked off in March 2016.

Occasions below this festival are still an intriguing mixture of cultural, traditional and contemporary events, such as the Ijen Summer Jazz Banana music festival, Kite and WindSurfing competition and a number of other traditional festivals or celebrations. If you look for a more cultural experience, then visit the regency’s Kuwung Festival (Rainbow Festival) held at the end of every year that promotes Banyuwangi’s authentic art and culture. To get a more contemporary adventure, come to the Ijen Summer Jazz Banana music festival in October to enjoy the most relaxing and funky sounds of local and internationally famous musicians.

4 | Input the Wild

Indonesia is also an idyllic home to a number of the very best nature has to offer you. Wonderful wildlife, sexy flora and lush forests that appear to have manifested in the dreams of fairy tales.

One place you can venture is your Baluran National Park, also Called Africa Van Java or even Little Africa from Java. The park is also home to 444 kinds of flora and more than 200 kinds of fauna.

Another broader venture you could take would be a trip to the mystical Alas Purwo National Park. This park is home to several of Indonesia’s rare and endangered species. However, this park is more than a mere all-natural book. From the Javanese language, Alas Purwo signifies “Historical Forest or The Primordial Forest”. According to the local legend, the Alas Purwo was the place where the earth emerged from the sea.

So, these are simply a couple of things to do when in Banyuwangi. Have fun in your journey and as the entry to Alas Purwo states, “Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photos.

Ready to start your getaway to Banyuwangi? Visit Wonderful Indonesia, and don’t miss out on the magic!

David Kennedy