Eye Care 101 – The Importance & Value Of Visiting An Eye Doctor

It’s not surprising to wake up one day and realise that you are suffering from poor eyesight. As we continue to age, our vision tends to deteriorate over time. Normally, our eyesight/vision loses clarity, and it is evident among most seniors. Hence, maintaining proper vision and visiting an eye doctor in Singapore is recommended to combat deterioration. We should strive to maintain a clear vision as much as possible, as our daily lives revolve around and navigate with our vision.

Seeing An Eye Doctor

Numerous people are often nervous about seeing an eye specialist. We often imagine sharp tools, uncomfortable test procedures and painful surgeries, but it isn’t the case. You should see a local eye specialist in Singapore at least once or twice a year to monitor and maintain your vision.

An eye doctor or specialist is trained to provide diagnostics and proper treatment to ensure that your eyesight doesn’t deteriorate quickly over time.

Most of the time, when visiting, you’ll be given a comprehensive eye exam. The exam is designed to prevent and diagnose certain eye conditions as some tend to have no signs and symptoms until the results of the exam are gathered. It lets doctors know if there are any problems in your eyesight, even if you aren’t aware. It is the process to pinpoint and detect conditions and problems at an early stage and prevent their advancement. Hence, you should also prepare to answer related questions such as your medical history.


What to Expect

If it’s your first time making an appointment with an eye doctor in Singapore, some exams may include the following:

Visual field test

Visual field tests are designed and used to test peripheral vision. It determines how much you can see from sides/corners without making eye movements using moving objects. The test will help the doctor identify if you have any problem in your peripheral vision, which is brought about by certain conditions such as glaucoma.

OCT screening

OCT stands for Optical Coherence Tomography. OCT screening is an imaging process that aims to capture and assess your retina (the back of your eye) using light waves. It’s non-invasive and is often used to diagnose the optic nerve. A typical eye doctor in Singapore also used this technique for diagnosing glaucoma patients.

Visual acuity test

Visual acuity test, is perhaps, one of the most common exams that doctors give to see if you need to wear glasses or a contact lens. The most well-known examination tool called ‘Snellen Chart’ (where you are tasked to read or identify letters as they progressively get smaller) is used in the visual acuity test.


Eye Examination For Adults & Kids – Why It Matters

Since seniors are prone to eye problems and conditions, visiting a local eye doctor to get exams is more beneficial. It is often advised for people who are in the age of 40s to acquire eye exams every year. It is the case mostly for people who had previous eye problems before or those who are deciding to look for glaucoma or cataract surgery in Singapore or had a family history.

If you are suffering from a particular type of health condition like high blood pressure or diabetes, for example, your eyesight can be affected as well. Occupations that compromise your eye and use of certain drugs are few factors where you will have to take exams more frequently.

Some children need special eye care as well. Examinations will help further diagnose more problems as children are advised to undergo exams as well. Most likely, a paediatrician will often conduct eye exams for children and infants using a visual acuity test for any vision degeneration.


Why Should You Take An Eye Exam Routinely?

Most of the time, people are led to believe that their eyesight is in near-perfect condition because they passed the screening test. The truth is, it is not as accurate or a substitute for a genuine eye exam conducted by an ophthalmologist or eye specialist in Singapore. Here are few reasons why you should take eye exams annually:

Prevents accidents/injuries caused by poor vision

How many road or workplace accidents have you heard that are caused by poor eyesight? It’s an undeniable case that poor eyesight can lead you to mishaps and injuries as our activities often rely on using vision. Taking eye exams lets you know if you need to take eyeglasses or lenses.

Detects early signs of health problems

Eye exams may not be cheap. However, it’s a life-saver compared to finding out that you’re suffering from an advancing illness that further corrupts your vision. You might never know if you need glaucoma or cataract surgery in Singapore until you learn about your current condition.

Just by visiting a local eye specialist, you might find out if you have diabetes or even cancer at an early stage. Numerous people tend to find out their illness just by taking an eye exam!

Assists children perform better at school.

For parents, don’t get too comfortable with your child’s level of eyesight. Most of today’s academics and ways of learning require good vision. You’d be surprised that not all children are fortunate and blessed to have 20/20 vision. Visiting a local eye doctor in Singapore for an eye exam for your child can help him perform better at academics. How? By providing them with all the help they need to overcome any existing eye condition!


It can’t be stated how important our eyesight is. Our ability to see and grasp the world as it is is mainly due to our ability to see. Unfortunately, some people are deemed to lose their vision at any age and this is due to several health complications and eye conditions. A trip to a local eye specialist in Singapore can help equip you with the proper knowledge and approach so that you can adjust your lifestyle to maintain a healthy vision!

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