6 Reasons Why Print Advertisements are Still Relevant

Checking your phone to see updates in your social media accounts has become a part of your daily routine. Even if you don’t notice it, the online world has already merged with your reality. Some can’t distinguish between the virtual and the real world, which they base their worth on how many likes they got on their Instagram post. As you can see, virtual things have integrated into people’s lives more than they notice.

However, we can’t ignore the fact that you’re still living in the real world — a world where you can touch things, interact with people physically, and learn something with direct contact. Indeed, it’s easy to ignore the print advertisements, such as magazines, billboards, or booklet printing in Singapore. It’s because you’ve relied on the virtual world for most parts of your life.

If you go out and experience the real world, you’ll see how print advertising like packaging boxes printing and large format printing in Singapore are still relevant. Allow this article to show you why print advertisement is still worth the investment in this modern decade.


Virtual vs Real World: Why Print Advertising is Still Relevant

In a world where people depend on technology more than their first-hand experience, it’s easy to ignore things you can physically touch. Modern people are too comfortable sitting on their sofa exploring the world by scrolling through their phones. Yes, it’s more convenient and safer, but the real world still has more to offer. If you take advantage of it, you can see why print advertising is still relevant.

So, here are reasons why partnering with a printing company in Singapore is a clever move amidst the powerful impact of technology.


1) Print Ad is Less Intrusive

Have you ever experienced watching a Youtube video, then suddenly there was an ad? Have you felt annoyed because of the random ads popping out when scrolling through your phone? If yes, then you might find online advertising more annoying than helpful. An advertisement should introduce a product to a person not to deter people from buying it.

Fortunately, print advertisements are less intrusive than online advertisements. You have the choice to read or peruse the advertising with brochures, pamphlets, or magazines. You have the freedom to look at the advertisements without popping suddenly into your social media feed.

Hence, look for a printing company that offers packaging boxes printing or booklet printing that can help you advertise without being intrusive.

2) Include More Customers

Indeed, you can reach more audiences by only using online marketing strategies. However, print advertisements can help you include other customers who want to take their time off the screen.

Did you know that there are growing numbers of people who want to decrease their mobile screen time? For this reason, you can use print advertisements to tell other potential customers that you value them.

For instance, if a customer sees a booklet about your products, the customer will be more curious about your business because of the coincidental advertisement. This way, you can grow your customers with booklet printing, large format printing like billboards, and packaging boxes printing. After all, sometimes the best advertisements are about happenstance!

3) More Interactive

Have you heard the famous saying to see is to believe? If yes, it’s relatable in the world of advertisement. Advertising is about convincing people to buy your products or services. If it’s intangible, they have to provide client testimonials or positive reviews. With online advertisements, people won’t touch or use their senses to interact with the advertisements. Hence, some people might feel that it’s hard to believe.

On the other hand, print advertisements are tangible, which you can use your five senses to try the product. For instance, you can include a small sample with a booklet printing service. You can also give some examples of packing boxes printing souvenirs. With this, people can be more interactive with your products or services.

4) The Retainability

There are still many people who want to read physical copies of books, newspapers, or magazines. It’s because they can absorb more information when reading in a physical form. Sometimes, it’s harder to retain information while reading on a gadget like your mobile phone. For this reason, they can easily forget the things they read.

Fortunately, you can use print advertising methods like large format printing, booklet printing, packaging boxes printing, or certificate printing in Singapore to ensure that people will retain the information rather than forgetting it right away. In conclusion, print advertising has more impact than online advertising because you use more senses than just clicking it on the screen.

5) Establish Your Brand

Print advertisements can also help you establish your brand. It’s a fun process because you can choose the colour, font style, font size, and design of your printing services like packaging boxes printing, large format printing, or certificate printing. This way, you let people know that it’s your brand.

Although you can also customise your online advertisement, print advertising is more interactive. It is because you can draw, paste, build, or construct an advertisement strategy. It’s also the opportunity to play with your aesthetics. Your brand can be luxurious, minimalist, quirky, flavorful, etc.

It is about letting your creative freedom come into play. You can also add some engaging strategies to your packaging boxes printing. You can add some elements that make it more customer-friendly.

6) Easy to Maintain

Once you print the advertisement tools, it’s easy to maintain because you don’t have to update them. All you have to do is place them in a strategic location and hand them to other people. Hence, it’s convenient to partner with a printing company in this modern world because it’s still relevant in many ways!

Lastly, it’s still better to balance print and online advertisement for a better marketing strategy. This way, you can use the best method for your goal.

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