Black teeth: symptoms, causes and treatment

A smile is a perfect element that adds on an extra confidence to your personality. Every ones loves to have a flaunting wide smile, but many of them don’t do that, reason being is their appearance of teeth. Few will have the yellowish layer over it, few will have miss-alignment and some may have major issue with having the Black teeth color appearing in front. What should be done in such cases?

Our dentist at Bracknell gave a detailed explanation over the causes of such teeth appearing issues and their solutions via cosmetic dentistry. There are several reasons of having the issues like yellowish teeth, black teeth, bad smell and decay happening on gums in gaps of teeths. He says that the tooth may decay and go black when it gets damaged from within. This is the most common reason for black teeth in these cases where there is decay or cavities. Major factors like infection or having a dead tooth may turn a tooth into a black tooth. For all such issues, one has to undergo a proper consulting with the dentist and has to get a guidance on which cosmetic Dentistry option has to be selected for its cure.

Cosmetic dentistry has got varied treatments included. Teeth whitening for those yellow pale looks or having a plaque layer on your teeth. Having Dental bridges which are done by using porcelain or other composite material to fill in the gaps appearing between the teeth.Veneers are also a part of cosmetic dentistry. One uses this treatment to fill in the gaps appearing between the teeth.  They are also termed as a dental bridge or dental bonds they say. The only difference is that in dental bridges they need another tooth for adjacent support, where as in Veneers the case is not the same. Dental Bridges act as an important mediator even to resolve the gap which is naturally between two teeth by birth. As if filled in properly, they shall give the gums and other side teeth an excellent support and makes a point that decay dsnt take place in the gaps as they are being bridged in with the invisible filling while performing the procedure of Dental Bridges.

The major reasons as we discussed on the black teeth are as below to be defined in brief. Two major factors are there, internal factors and external factors affect the same of black teeth. Let’s have a look:

Externalcauses are that the teeth turning black come from the outside of the tooth.These can include:

  • Major damageoccurring in the enamel.
  • Stains that take place due to some food or other items such as tobacco, coffee, liquid iron supplements and others.
  • Tartar buildup in layers, where teeth whitening needs to be done in periodical interval.
  • Having Dental crowns and fillings made with silver sulfide that doesn’t suits your oral conditions.

Now we see some internal factors that might affect:

Our tooth starts appearing black when damage starts happening from inside. The damage starts on the inside and slowly and gradually spreads its way to the upper surface of the teeth.Initially black color on the tooth appears in a small spot and then eventually it starts covering the entire tooth. Hence it is very important factor to note that such spots when seen has to be given right importance and should be treated in time. If you feel that teeth whitening is needed never feel hesitant to have that done three four times a year or as per the dentist advice. As the roots of decay if removed in time shall make sure that the rest of the tooth is safe and also it shall not affect the area around its own.

It is not normal when the tooth starts turning/ change from a whitish shade to brown and then black. Typically one can see/notice some other symptoms as well before the tooth turns black.When tartar is layers or the plaque is visible then it is one of the causes too.

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