How to Maintain a Record of Wins and Losses in the Sports Betting

The sports bettor must maintain the records of their activities in the sports betting. When you bet online, you need to maintain a record of your profits and losses. Managing your bankroll is the key aspect in this regard. A proper track needs to be kept of your bets in online gambling. It proves useful in the long run.

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How to Keep Track of Sports Bets

It is very significant to keep a detailed record of your activities when you bet online in sports. In this way, you keep a healthy and updated bankroll management. This can be done in writing the records with a pen or pencil or writing these in the Microsoft document. Although it doesn’t look ideal, it’s better than not maintaining the records at all.

Sports Betting Excel Spreadsheet

Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are the best way of maintaining records in sports betting. If you have a basic knowledge of it, you can keep track of your activities. Even many websites do this task for free or charge a minimal fee. But Excel is very simple and convenient for the users.

Why It’s Necessary To Keep Records When Betting On Sports?

This strategy helps you in remaining updated in regards to your finances. It is very important to keep records if you are keen to make money with sports betting. In this way, you can think to analyses and place the wagers appropriately which are in accordance with your bankroll requirement.

This is helpful when you file the income taxes on the winnings that happen from sports betting. If record-keeping is not done, then you will not know about your performance in betting. So it becomes difficult to determine your bankroll size.

Maintaining Detailed Sports Betting Records

The bettors need to keep a record of the sports on which the bet is placed, the event, bet type and the details about each bet. This is very essential for the maintenance of a spreadsheet. You get an appropriate amount of data and it is advantageous in sports betting.

Sports Betting Record-Keeping Is the Best Way of Analyzing Your Results

The record-keeping assists the sports bettor. It promotes the growth of the same.

It is better if you record the results and do analyses for the same. A sufficient amount of data proves useful for deriving the conclusions concerning sports betting.


An organized spreadsheet is of extreme importance in sports betting. You can analyze your strengths and weaknesses with their help. There are several gambling websites, which produce spreadsheets. These can be used for recording the gambling results. But you can create a spreadsheet and customize it according to your needs.