About Home Care

You don’t have to put those you love in nursing homes or assisted care facilities if they need a little extra help. Instead, your loved one can stay home, maintaining their independence, and have a home health aid or certified nurse visit them and help them. Before you start searching for a home care agency Westchester County, you should know a few things.

Home Care

You can hire a company or person to visit with your elderly loved ones each day or every few days. This service allows your loved one to stay in the place they love, improving their quality of life while they receive the care they need for their medical conditions. Home care prevents hospitalization and assists in recovery from injuries and illnesses.

Types of Care

Home care is customized. Home care personnel may help your loved ones by visiting with them, administering medication or helping with cleaning or grooming, preparing meals, running errands and other tasks. Short-term care, such as physical, speech or occupational therapy, and long-term care are available.

Companionship, may be scheduled at any time. This type of care may even include live-in care. However, if a doctor prescribes care, a nurse may be asked to visit at any time, while specialized, temporary home care may require specialized clinicians to meet with clients for one-hour appointments.


Home care services benefit those who are bound to their homes without assistance or can only leave for short periods of time because it is difficult for them to be away from home. Anyone who has difficulty completing everyday tasks will also benefit. In addition, these services can be life-saving for those with cognitive diseases, new diagnoses or medications.

Caring for aging family members can be stressful. They don’t want to burden you, but they may also be averse to going into nursing homes or accepting the help they need. If your loved one needs a little extra help, consider contacting a home care agency.