3 Qualities and Skills That Make You More Attractive to Hiring Managers

The job market is increasingly competitive. People are seeking advanced degrees just to get a foot in the door at their desired company. While a standout education might get you an interview, these three qualities will help you get noticed once you walk through that door.

  1. Complementary Certifications

Complementary training courses and certifications can set you apart from other candidates. A plethora of free and low-cost online classes make it easy to achieve. A few useful topics to cover include coding, data analysis and specialty business software. Making the effort shows potential employers that you are willing to work to advance your knowledge. If you are looking to gain a marketable skill, work toward a transcription or notary public certification. One of the nice things about these types of credentials is that they carry over to new positions. Pick one of the available notary public seals and you can even start out on your own hile you are looking for your next career move.

  1. Intellectual Curiosity 

You can have a stellar formal education and all the right degrees, but if you aren’t able to put that information into use in the real world, hiring managers will simply pass you by. One way to catch an HR manager’s attention is to display an above-average level of intellectual curiosity. Come to the interview armed with informed questions to ask while you are there. Keep them relevant to the position and company, but move beyond the basics.

  1. Compatibility With Company Culture

This cannot be stressed enough. Employees whose values and vision align with the company will be better suited for success. And, after all, that is what businesses are looking for. They will also be more likely to stay with a company for a longer time, which is always preferable.  It is expensive for businesses to recruit, hire and train new employees, so they will naturally want to minimize the process.

The perfect job may not exist, but you can increase your chances of landing a really great one by cultivating qualities hiring managers seek in qualified candidates.