6 Tips For A Productive And Effective Divorce Mediation In Singapore

As unfortunate as it may sound, things do not always go as planned. You and your friends may prepare for a well-deserved vacation, but your trip may fall through due to urgent work responsibilities or medical emergencies. You may book a ticket to the premiere of a movie you have been looking forward to for months, but you may need to cancel your attendance at the screening because of unforeseen circumstances. Things can also be unpredictable in marriages. You may have never imagined hiring a divorce lawyer in Singapore when your relationship is just beginning to bloom—but you may need their services when ending your union with your spouse.


Since its legalisation, divorce has become prevalent in Lion City. According to the Department of Statistics through Channel News Asia or CNA, the courts recorded 7,890 marriage dissolutions in 2021. The figures had a 13.4% increase rate from the 2020 numbers due to the requests that got adjourned during the COVID-19 pandemic. These numbers show that more and more individuals, with the help of their family, friends, therapist, marriage counsellor, and divorce lawyer, are choosing their welfare over experiencing the emotional, mental, and physical stress of being in an unhappy relationship. If you’re experiencing difficulties in your relationship but still want to save it, do seek out couples therapy services as such A Kind Place

But dissolving a marriage is not a walk in the park. You will need to learn the basics and complexities of this legal procedure to understand what you are getting into and see if it is the best solution for you and your spouse’s problems. You may also need to work with a family lawyer in Singapore to ensure your separation’s success and ease your worries about its process. Additionally, you will need divorce mediation to settle issues on properties, assets, support, and custody, among others.

But what is divorce mediation, and how can you benefit from it?


   I.        What Is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation in Singapore is a procedure that allows couples to resolve various issues to make their separation more amicable. With the help of a neutral third-party mediator, they can divide and distribute properties, set agreements on child support and custody, and make an efficient parenting plan. Some individuals think this process is similar to compulsory court mediation, but such a procedure addresses concerns you and your partner can discuss outside the courtroom.


 II.        How To Have A Successful Divorce Mediation

When filing for marriage dissolution, you will want a successful divorce mediation to settle your and your spouse’s concerns as civilly and courteously as possible. But how can you ensure a smooth-sailing mediation, especially if you are at a crossroads with your partner?

1. Understand What Divorce Mediation Does

The first step to having a successful divorce mediation in Singapore is learning what it can and cannot do to you and your relationship with your spouse. Doing so will help you set realistic expectations about the procedure and understand how it can benefit you.

2. Hire A Mediator

No divorce mediation is complete without a mediator. This individual will help you negotiate your and your partner’s terms and settle issues concerning your assets and liabilities. You can bring your divorce lawyer during the procedure, but their presence is not required.

3. List Your Assets

Since you and your spouse will talk about property division and asset allocation during your divorce mediation process in Singapore, having a list of your possessions and debts would be beneficial. This document will help you remember the issues you should discuss and settle.

4. Prioritise Concerns

Undergoing a divorce mediation procedure can be overwhelming. To keep issues from causing you worries, set priorities and avoid jumping from one concern to another. As much as possible, settle one matter at a time and allow yourself and your spouse to take breaks whenever needed.

5. Set Differences Aside

Divorce mediation can be emotional—especially if you and your partner start talking about your child and their needs. While experiencing various feelings during the procedure is natural and expected, keep them from getting in the way of settling issues with your spouse.

6. Listen, Communicate, And Compromise

Divorce mediation between Singapore couples will only be successful if you and your partner communicate effectively throughout the process. Listen to what they say, and they should do the same to you to ensure that both parties and their children can benefit from the procedure.


|||. How To Find A Divorce Mediator

Searching for the ideal mediator is like looking for the best divorce lawyer in Singapore. You should utilise various methods to ensure that you find a reliable and capable professional to help you and your partner settle different issues before filing a marriage dissolution. Scroll through to learn how to find a divorce mediator.

A. Seek Recommendations

If you have a relative or friend who has filed for divorce, you can ask them to refer you to their mediation. You can also ask your marriage counsellor, psychotherapist, or divorce lawyer for suggestions.

B. Visit Your Local Courthouse

Criminal, defamation, and divorce lawyers in Singapore frequent courthouses to do their jobs of helping individuals with their legal concerns. Mediators also spend most of their time in these establishments to assist their clients. By visiting your local courthouse, you can ask its clerks for mediator recommendations or catch one on their way out.

C. Look For Law Firms

Some law firms, including those working with the top criminal lawyer in Singapore, offer mediation services to their clients. You can even ask some companies to provide you with a mediator and a divorce lawyer at one price.

D. Use Search Engine Sites

Most individuals and institutions offering divorce mediation services in Singapore now have websites to showcase their expertise. You can use search engine websites like Google or Bing to find one offering the mediation solutions you need to resolve issues with your spouse.

|V. Ensure An Effective Divorce Mediation Today!

Divorce mediation is an essential process to ensuring a successful marriage dissolution. Without this procedure, you, your spouse, and your children may face more emotional, mental and physical stress due to unresolved issues that could trouble your daily activities.

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