Beach Restaurants In Singapore: Foods And Drinks To Order

Are you looking for a location where you could spend your vacation? Or maybe, want to celebrate a birthday or anniversary with your loved ones? You can look for places near your home, like restaurants and event spots. But if you want to give your visitors a different ambience, you might want to go to the beach. You will see many of them, and you need to choose one where your budget is okay. And if the beach is what you have in mind, do not forget to eat at a seaside restaurant in Singapore. It is one of the experiences you should not miss, considering that it is not every day that you can visit the beach.


If you go somewhere, do not miss tasting their food and drinks. Many people want to know how they differ from other places, and they can see it through the meals they offer. But if you visit beach restaurants in Singapore, the ones you will see on the menu might be the usual ones in a food place. Their foods need to fit people to avoid wasting their visit. But, if you want to have some customisation on your food, you may request, depending on the management. To help you choose what to eat, here are some of what you can order in a beach restaurant:


Many people say that you should never skip breakfast. If you do, you will feel hungry the entire day and not have the energy to face what you need to do. So if you want to last in the activities you will have at the beach, ensure to eat breakfast in a Siloso beach restaurant, and here is what you can order:



The usual breakfast you can have in beach restaurants is pancakes. People usually want it with maple and chocolate syrup, but you can customise it. You may add fruits like bananas, strawberries, and blueberries to add more taste.


Another heavy breakfast you could have is waffles. It is similar to pancakes, but you will see this one with squares moulded on the food. You can also partner it with maple and chocolate syrup, but it is better with whipped cream and chocolate chunks.


Croissant is if you want a partner with a hot or iced coffee. You can have it in plain, chocolate, butter, and even cheese. Choose the flavour that complements your drink to get a better experience when eating in a sea view restaurant in Singapore. You will recognise this bread because of its shape, making it unique.


Another breakfast you could eat is French toast. You will see it with maple syrup, blueberries, strawberries, and bananas on top of them. The bread is the usual one, so you will not confuse it with others. But if you want a simple recipe, you can have butter on top of it.


Breakfasts are incomplete without eggs. You can have it in many ways, like scrambled, poached eggs, and more. If you visit beach restaurants in Singapore, you will notice many recipes for eggs. You can also have it with your bread or rice.


Now that you know what you can have for breakfast, you also need to know what to eat for lunch, dinner, and snacks. You can eat anything you want anytime, but it is better to have options if you want to go to beach dining in Singapore.



If you are into healthy living, you will see salads on the menu of beach restaurants. Some popular ones you can eat are prawn & avocado salad, Caesar salad, garden salad, and Greek salad. They differ in ingredients and sauces, so choose one that would match your taste.


If pork, chicken, and beef are not to your liking, you can go for seafood. This option is good, considering that you are on the beach. But if you want to go on a classic meal, fish & chips are available. You may also order tiger prawns cooked in wine and scallops. Platters are also available if you want to taste them all.


If you do not want to eat rice but want something heavy, you can go for pasta. This food is rich in carbohydrates, so you will feel satisfied after eating it. There are many ways to cook this in beach dining, so choose one that you have never encountered before. But for classics, spaghetti, carbonara, and Bolognese is available.


Some people prefer eating their pasta with burgers and sandwiches. And if you are the same, do not miss ordering it at the restaurant. In burgers, some of the options you have are Angus beef burgers and cheeseburgers. But for sandwiches, you can go for the classic cheese sandwich. You may also depend on the pasta you will order.


Do not miss ordering a pizza in a seaside restaurant. They may offer flavours you have not tasted before, giving you an idea about how they get cooked. If you want to go for the usual flavours, cheese and Hawaiian might be part of them. But since you are at the beach, salmon & prawns could be available.


Partner your pizza with wings to make the dining experience complete. You can choose different flavours to match your other foods, like pasta and pizza. But if you want to taste something unique, order the bestseller of the place.


Fries are another snack you can have. You can have it anywhere, so ensure that you make your money worth it. You may ask the restaurant if they are okay with additional ingredients for their fries, like cheese sauce and bacon. Some beach restaurants might not accept it, so you need to ask first.

Here are other foods you can have FOR DESSERT:


  • Truffle
  • Brownies
  • Ice Cream

While this list is FOR DRINKS you can purchase in beach restaurants:


  • Beer
  • Soft drinks
  • Cocktails
  • Mocktails
  • Wines
  • Water
  • Iced Tea

If you go on a vacation or spend your events at the beach, ensure that you do not miss tasting these foods in beach restaurants in Singapore. And if you want to try them all, visit the website of Coastes.