A Guide to HDB & Condo Renovation Projects in Singapore

Buying and moving into a condominium or HDB is a significant decision. Those who have taken the leap of faith and purchased a unit often end up planning for renovations. Most people will turn to the internet before an interior design firm to provide them with the best ideas for decorating their new home.

3 Notable Considerations for Condo Renovations

The pandemic gave birth to various home renovation and design trends that suit every preference. However, not everything applies to every space. Consider the following ideas before executing an HDB or condo renovation with a reputable Singapore design firm.

#1 Determine Your Style/Preference

The most crucial factor to consider is your taste. Stick to that concept when upgrading your condominium. Minimalist, Scandinavian and MUJI interior designs are the most popular. Nevertheless, opt to get condo and HDB renovation ideas from the maximalist or luxurious interior design if you desire to maximise your spacious condominium.

If you are still confused about how to proceed, hire an interior design firm with whom you can discuss your ideas and concerns. These industry specialists have years of experience and can give reliable advice to help you through the process and determine what best matches your house based on your tastes.

#2 Decide the Colour of Your Walls

One of the first things most experts from any renovation company in Singapore ask about is your colour scheme. Colours have the power to create or ruin a room, especially when it comes to the walls. Choosing unsuitable colours might be more disastrous than you realise. It can alter the entire atmosphere of the home

Light colours reflect light better and aesthetically beautify your property. Dark colours can anchor the space of your rooms and provide a feeling of depth. Moreover, using paint and wallpaper has advantages and disadvantages. The contrast between light and dark colours creates a more profound spatial complexity. It can drastically transform the vibe of your HDB flat or condo after changing the interior design of your Singapore home.

#3 You can Still Fit a Kitchen Island

Good news! It is not impossible to consider adding a kitchen island to your HDB and condo renovation ideas. Kitchen islands serve as a cooking area. A fitting design will let you quickly turn the island into an eating area. Hence, its versatility is ideal for condos with restricted square footage.

You can also use your kitchen island as an entertainment area for visitors to mix and converse. Another advantage of having a kitchen island is the ease with which you can customise it to fit any remodelling style. Hire a reputable interior design firm if unsure about the design element. They might provide suggestions or alternatives for constructing your HDB or condo kitchen.




3 Ways You Can Maximise the Space

Of course, people do not always have the luxury of using large-scale furnishing for a condo renovation in Singapore units. Similarly, most homeowners are operating with a restricted renovation budget. Here are some ideas for maximising space while retaining a modern style for condominiums that are smaller in size and budget.

#1 Create Definition with Clear Lines

Small condominiums in Singapore generally have the drawback of seeming crowded or claustrophobic. Homeowners who aim to achieve a more open house should avoid utilising physical separators. It can make rooms appear even smaller than they are. Consider lighter furniture such as clear tables, glass surfaces, and even raised hanging shelves to open up the room and counteract this.

#2 Multipurpose Furniture

Using multipurpose furniture can save money since you do not have to buy two different things to fulfil their respective tasks. Choose a dining table that can also serve as your work table. A pull-out guest bed takes up less room than a regular bed and is conveniently accessible when visitors visit. It lets you and experts from an interior design firm eliminate the need to dedicate a separate area of your house for this purpose.

#3 Allow More Light

Experts from any interior design company in Singapore will advise you to open up your space in numerous ways. Using light-coloured paint or wallpapers on surfaces may brighten up your home. It reflects the light that comes in from your windows. The best option is a neutral colour scheme that includes white, cream, beige, and grey. Furthermore, a well-placed mirror adds a lot to your physical area. Mirrors are also valuable in generating the appearance of a larger space. It can help bounce the light and create the illusion of a vast space.




5 Considerations for Choosing an Interior Design Firm

Getting a well-designed interior should not be challenging. All you need to do is have a clear vision of what you want your home to look like and select a professional interior design company in Singapore to assist you in realising it. The following are some of the five criteria to consider.

#1 Firm Accreditations

An HDB-licensed contractor has undergone thorough training and is familiar with public housing restoration standards. The certification ensures that an interior designer has at least three years of expertise in HDB and condo renovation in Singapore. Ensure that they have been ACRA-registered for at least one year and have clean records.

#2 Overall Budget

You should establish a reasonable budget from the start based on the size and complexity of your project. Discuss it with each prospective interior design firm. Most interior designers are eager to work within any budget.

#3 Industry Experience

Understand that an interior designer with several years of industry expertise is more likely to provide you with a higher level of service. However, consider the reputation of the interior design company in Singapore before making your choice.

#4 Company Style

Every interior design firm has a style, and your expectations and methods must be compatible. Meet at least three potential designers and get a sense of their aesthetics, working habits, and personalities. It will allow you to compare their styles and select the one most like-minded to you.

#5 Reasonable Project Timeline

Determine when you need the job completed and locate an interior design company in Singapore that can set a suitable deadline for completion. A skilled interior designer should be able to meet the deadline as closely as feasible

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