What You Need to Know About CCTV Camera

Wouldn’t it be nice to keep our family and business safe and sound at all times? It sure does, and for sure, all of us want that to happen. That way, we could prevent any unfortunate events. No wonders why most places in Singapore have a CCTV camera. In shops, stores, on public transport, and in streets, CCTV keeps everyone safe at any time from anything.

So, what do you say? Is it not time for you to get CCTV at your place in Singapore? If you think so, too, do not hesitate to buy one. Remember, it is time for you to enjoy this level of security. However, before you obtain one, there are things you must know first. Let us find out what those things are.

What Must You Know About a CCTV Camera?

  • Reasons You Should Get a CCTV Camera
  1. Prevents Crimes

Prevention is better than cure. That is what CCTV in Singapore does. It prevents criminals from committing their crimes since they will be caught on camera and remind them about the law. As a result, it lowers the criminality rate of that area. Research shows that the reduction of crime is around 21%.

  1. Maintain Ordinance and Safety

Once you install a CCTV camera at your workplace in Singapore, your employees would not have time to laze around and do nothing. So, rest assured that your business will run smoothly and your productivity will become better.

  1. Aid the Authorities

With the CCTV you installed outside, anyone doing something immoral will be caught red-handed on camera. With the footage you got, you can help the police solve and end the case. This device serves as a witness that will tell you what had happened and who did what.

  1. Settle Disputes

Lastly, this device can help you catch whoever is lying. You would know when your employees arrive and what they did the whole day. With that, you can monitor performance and deduct it if they perform poorly.

  • Types of CCTV Camera
  1. Dome

This CCTV camera looks like a dome. Its shape makes it hard to tell where the sensor monitors. Besides its design, most of this type has an IR night vision and vandal-resistant. Therefore, you can use it in both indoor and outdoor settings.

  1. Bullet

On the other hand, this CCTV looks different from the dome. Not only it has a long, cylindrical shape but you can see things even from afar. Furthermore, its images have a 1080 pixel resolution and IR night vision. Together with those two, you can see everything crystal clear.

  1. C-Mount

Unlike those two, this one not only looks bulky, but you can only see things beyond 35 to 40 metres. That is why it is ideal for indoor settings only.  Also, due to its size, onlookers can see it right away,

  1. Day and Night

As for this CCTV camera, you can use it even in the dark or no lights environments. Fret not since you can see anyone in the dark thanks to its infrared capability. That is why most businesses choose this one as their outdoor surveillance.  If you prefer this CCTV, you could either have in both colour or black and white.

  1. PTZ Pan Tilt & Zoom

Among all the types, this CCTV can pan and zoom itself. As a result, you can see what the actual scenes are. Furthermore, since it has 200 meters IR night vision, you can see anyone in the dark even from afar.

How to Instal a CCTV Camera

  • Before you can start the installation of your CCTV in Singapore, look for a place where you can install it. Make sure it is hidden and does not have any blind spots.
  • Get a drill and screw its mount.
  • Make sure the power cable is in place and not loose.
  • Place the DVR inside your security room. It helps to keep the hard disk safe.
  • Protect its power cable and make sure it blends well with the wall or ceiling. That way, no one will notice it is a CCTV camera.
  • Connect the wires and turn on the power.

Which CCTV Camera to Install?

  1. Discreetness

Even though CCTV can discourage people from committing crimes, it should not be visible outside. You see, most criminals have no conscience of destroying the CCTV they notice. When that happens, you can no longer monitor what is happening. So, make sure the CCTV camerayou will get is something you cannot see right away.

  1. Audio Capabilities

Some CCTV in Singapore do not only record videos but also the audios. With this feature, you can hear what people having conversations are talking about that or this day. As a result, you can keep your place safe even better.

  1. Image Quality

All CCTV may record what it sees, but not all provide a clear image. So make sure to choose a CCTV camera that has at least 720 to 1080 pixel resolutions. With that, you could at least find out what the person looks like in person.

  1. Waterproof

Some CCTV does not have this feature, especially for indoor ones. So, if you have plans to install it outside, make sure it has this waterproof feature. Otherwise, expect that it would get damaged right away.

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