What Color Should you Choose for your CV?

When writing a CV, you have to list your diplomas and training, your professional experience and qualities, as well as your areas of interest, etc. But all this information must be clearly communicated to the recruiter. And for that, form matters. If the arrangement of the headings is crucial, color also plays a prominent role. By preferring a colored CV to a black and white one, you increase your chances of catching the eye of the employer.

Top 3 Colors to Use on a CV

Even if black must be present so that your Curriculum Vitae remains readable, you can use other more attractive colors to highlight some points. On the other hand, the whole thing has to be sober and elegant so, you have to choose the right colors and learn how to dose them properly. The 3 recommended colors for a CV are blue, brown and green. Appreciated by recruiters, these colors allow you to have a CV that differs from the others. Even if you opt for an online CV maker while elaborating your resume, make sure it uses one of those colors.

Blue: a Modern Color for a CV

Whether in fashion, graphics or decoration, blue is a very trendy modern shade. You can choose the sober and elegant navy blue, the chic and warm petroleum blue, the brilliant royal blue, etc. This color offer as many shades as you want but be careful, just use only one. This advice also applies to all the other colors. By referring to natural elements such as the sea and the sky, a light blue or a deep blue reflects serenity and calm.

Brown: a Classic Color for a CV

Just like black and grey, brown and all of its shades (brown, taupe, chocolate, etc.) remain classic colors. Adding brown on your CV allows you to add a touch of originality without taking too many risks. On the other hand, associated with taste with blue or green, brown offers the opportunity to stand out very clearly from other candidates and to show that you have a sense of aesthetics. If you select a very dark brown, you can even give up on black color.

Green: a Symbol of Hope and Nature

Few candidates use green on their resumes. But if you do, it is important to select the right shade, neither too bright nor too discreet. The color should not interfere with the reader. Although, it must be visible in order to differentiate it from other Curriculum Vitae.