Menswear for New Year’s Eve

Christmas is over and the Christmas jumpers have been folded away for next year. Party celebrations are round the corner as New Year’s Eve draws near, and you’re wondering how to look your best ready for the late-night fun.

What to Wear?

What to wear on New Year’s Eve is always a tricky one, as so many different types of celebration take place, from formal dinner parties and less formal house parties right through to outdoor celebrations in muddy grass to watch fireworks. A few basic items in your wardrobe should make sure that you can cover all eventualities. The key to looking good is in the fit, whether it’s in a formal or casual outfit, from a smart shirt and suit to a casual polo shirt or sweater. See here for lots of great ideas on how to look good, even when on a budget:

For some easy wardrobe essentials, choose a few staple items that will combine well with jeans for a casual look or pair up with a suit for something more formal. 

Smart or Casual?

You can choose from an excellent selection of great partywear for all types of celebration at, where you’ll find a great selection of Farah shirts, including the latest on-trend slim-fit shirts, great for that stylish smart-casual party look. These versatile shirts can be worn with a jumper or a blazer for an informal look for going down the pub or to a house party where you’re looking for something casual. Or they can be dressed up with something more formal, looking good under a suit for celebrations that need a smarter look.

Something for Everyone

Farah shirts appeal to a wide age group, with a great range to choose from, including t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies, tartan shirts and more formal slim-fit shirts with button-down collars. Try teaming up a shirt under a tartan shirt for a casual look for New Year’s Eve that will be great if you’re heading off to a party or down the pub but adds an extra layer of warmth while you wait for the midnight fireworks to go off.

Choosing from the range of shirts from Farah means you can be sure of getting an excellent-quality staple garment that will always look good, however you choose to celebrate New Year’s Eve.