Watch Best Tollywood Movies based on Cops

The viewers watch the best movie online at an affordable cost in the Telugu industry. In general, the Tollywood films based on cop stories have received an overwhelming response from the audience side. The cop films have got tremendous support from the audience everywhere. Many Telugu actors have become superstars due to their activities as a cop in the films. Most of the movies based on police stories have done well in the box office. In general, the Telugu movies have blended with many cop stories so far and still many films are under progress.

A lot of Telugu actors search directors who could able to show them as cops in the films. This is because viewers always accept cop stories for valor, and thrill activities. Online watching movies in the Telugu industry is becoming the trend nowadays and many producers are releasing cop based stories online for Telugu viewers. Most of the fans who love cop stories are now enjoying online movies at a low price in their homes. Hence, they encouraged producers to search cop based stories in any language and dub them in Telugu languages for the Tollywood fans.

Karthavyam is a super hit political action film directed by Mohan Gandhi. This film was released in the year 1990, and the film had done a good business in the box office. The main actors of the film are VijayaShanthi, Vinod Kumar, Nirmalamma, Charan raj. The film was a blockbuster both in Tamil and Telugu languages. The film received an overwhelmed response of the viewers in all languages released. The cop story attracted all types of fans in the states. The film was received in full vibration due to its story, screenplay and action stunts of the film. The dialogues are hair rising sand awesome to hear.

Garshana is another mega-hit Telugu action film released in the year 2004. The film story is based on a police officer, a rigorous person in life too. His dealing with criminals is unique and often involves encounters. The film received good reviews and word of mouth from the public. The success of the film made the entire crew happy. The film was directed by GautamMenon and produced by Siva Raju and VenkatRaju. Harris Jayaraj scored the songs of the film and hence the songs reached the entire state. The total film duration is about 159 minutes.

Nakshatram is an action drama Telugu film released in the year 2017. The story of the film is based on a policeman who struggles to achieve his goals of justice. SundeepKrishan is a famous actor who acted in the film as a police officer. Krishna Vamsi wrote the story of the film and Bheems scored the music. The songs are good and have received a good response from the public. Krishna Vamsi has written the story for the film and the film has earned a significant reaction from the fans. Srinivasulu and Venugopal produced the film.

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