Top five tips for pedestrians to get accident compensation claim

Road accidents aren’t limited to drivers or passengers alone, but also pedestrians, who can claim compensation. In case you’re injured as a pedestrian, you need to understand the laws and claim procedure to get the accident compensation. Here are few things that you should do, right after the accident.

Seek help

It’s quite obvious to get nervous after the accident; do not panic and try to stay calm. Seek help from onlookers, depending on the level of injuries or pain you’re going through. You should seek medical assistance immediately in case of any serious injuries.

Call the police

You need to call the cops for lodging an official complaint about the accident. It’s mandatory to get the accident reported to police, in case you file a compensation claim. No jury or insurance firm can consider the claim without proper documentation and it’s important to cite your story clearly and correctly in the police report.

Contact personal injury lawyer

You need to consult personal injury lawyer or hire an expert like Austin pedestrian accident lawyer who can help you to prove that you weren’t at fault, as most accident compensation claims get rejected citing negligence of the pedestrian. Lawyers can help to prove that accident occurred due to driver’s carelessness, not yours.

Collect evidence

Whatever the kind of injury, you should get complete details about the car driver and vehicle.  In case of hit and run type, try to note down the visible details about the car, registration number, and color. You can also get the contact details of the witnesses as you may need later when you file a case.

Key factors

Finding the average settlement isn’t sufficient to gauge the value of the claim, but these key factors will. Some of the aspects to be considered include severity of your injury, its impact on your life, lost income, nature of the medical treatment, time duration for full recovery, etc.

Keep these things in mind when it comes to compensation in pedestrian-car accident cases.