Top 5 mountains in Albania to know about

Albania, a fashionable country in Europe, is popular for mountains and Alps. The Alps of Albania are attention drawing and picturesque. The hilly country, Albania, is surrounded by scenic mountains in all sides. Let us check out the names of top 5 Albania mountains.

Albania mountain villages

If you think there is nothing else to see in Albania than sandy beaches, then you are wrong. Apart from gorgeous beaches, there are amazing mountains and natural sites to enjoy and relax. To escape the crowd and tourists, visit the wildest areas in the entire Europe. Mesmerizing mountain villages are again the chief attraction of tourists. In the Albanian Alps, there is Theth Village which has archeological appeal, featuring cascading rivers and a rich agricultural heritage. There are several sun-kissed peaks, looking over wooded patches. What you enjoy here is uninterrupted peace and tranquil surrounding. Vermosh is again a spectacular mountain hamlet lying in the northernmost region of Albania. There are red brick churches to explore out here.

Fierza mountain village needs no introduction for it has all the beautiful things never seen before. While moving from Koman to Fierza, you can relish in wonderful landscapes and terrific views. Fierza is the most beautiful mountain village in the entire Europe probably.

Mount Dajti: a popular Albanian mountain

Among so many Albania Mountains, Mount Dajti holds great prominence. Placed in Tirana, Mount Dajti offers a variety of activities including horse riding, balloon shooting. Mount Dajti is located in a nice place and so you can relax and enjoy some peace. Dajti stands at 1613 metres above the sea level and harbors a national park towards the edge. During winters, the mountain gets covered by snow.

Morava Mountain for adventure enthusiasts

Among all the Albania Mountains, Morava Mountain draws maximum tourists for there are plenty of adventure activities to enjoy. Upon Korca there is beautiful Morava, an excellent viewpoint. Its big crass can be seen from the city and the valleys. From Morava Mountain, you can see the entire valley.

Zla Kolata Mountain

On the border of Albania is Zla Kolata Mountain which is 2534 meters above sea level. It is the mountain of Prokletije which gives spectacular nature views. Lying on the Albanian soil, Zla Kolata is the highest mountain. Enjoy hiking in the scenic part and in the highest mountains. Start hiking from the village of Vusinje and explore the area.

National Park Mount Tomori 

Mount Tomorr is a popular mountain, having an elevation of 7930 feet above the sea level. It is placed in the Tomori or Tomorr National Park and provides wildlife photographing opportunity.

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