The Importance of Film and TV Production in Singapore

When we look over the internet for the meaning of “film” we will get the definition that a film is a form of visual art. To be more concrete, a film, often known as a movie or motion picture is a form of visual art that uses moving images to replicate events such as ideas, tales, perspectives, emotions, history, or values. Audio and, on rare occasions, other sensory stimulations accompany these visuals. The term “cinema,” which stands for “cinematography,” is frequently used to refer to the art of filmmaking. But how much else do we know about the film? About animations? About the funny commercial, you watched on the television this morning? How little do we know about this form of art, yet it is one of the most experienced in its category. 

We didn’t need to get to a museum to experience the cinema. When motion pictures are solely available in theatres during the past, many forms of moving pictures had been made available byfilm companies nowadays which are readily available for the masses. Some of which are TV commercials, soap operas, sitcoms, and even public announcements on train stations. Those media are made by TV production houses in Singapore for various purposes. In this article, we will dig deeper into film production, its purposes, and its importance in our daily lives.

What Constitutes as a Film?

A film can have many different meanings and forms depending on the people you asked. When you talk about the film, you might think of the movies you usually watch in theatres or nowadays, in pay per view websites and applications. In the industry, film constitutes a larger number of visual and audiovisual art forms. A silent movie is a film. A cartoon made by an animation company is a film. A television advertisement is a film. A music video is a film. A same-day edit for event documentation is also a film. To better understand what a film is, you first need to understand its importance.

Film Tells A Story, Our Story

The most important aspect of a film is that it tells a story, particularly, the story of humanity. The purpose of a film is to tell and record the struggles of mankind. It uses various styles and genres to tell the story of humans and the history we create in this world. For film companies in Singapore, it is a constant objective to store the films for the benefits of future generations. Film archives are considered important heritage sites by many countries as they are a library of human stories.

Film Connects People

Another importance of a film is that it seeks to connect people. Through shared experiences, perspectives, opinions, and more that we get to see in a motion picture, we find connections to one another despite the geographical and cultural barriers. This is why many of us enjoy watching movies from international productions or dramas from our neighbouring countries. We find connection with other people that is beyond our culture, that is experience and emotions. These things are what we share despite our differences and film has a very effective way of conveying those experiences that can serve as gaps to connect us with other people.

Film-Connects-PeopleFilm Informs People

The broad objective of filmmaking is to inform people. If you put your thoughts into it, every product of film production actually informs people about many things. A historical movie informs us about a segment of history. A wildlife documentary informs us about the lesser-known species of animals and plants around the world. A cooking show informs us of new recipes to try at home. TV commercials made by corporate video production companies inform us about new products and services. In a broad sense, filmmaking made us more knowledgeable and aware of the world around us.

Film-Informs-PeopleFilm Brings Profit

In more ways than one, a film can make profits. The film industry houses many audio-visual workers who are making a living out of filmmaking. From directors to producers to editors to cameramen to scriptwriters and even the artists themselves are earning profit due to filmmaking. Moreover, corporations who hired these professionals to work on their commercial advertisements are also earning profits due to the marketing of their products. Thus, films bring profit to individuals and the country where it thrives. 


Film-Brings-ProfitThose are just a few of the many reasons why a film is such an important aspect of a country’s heritage. We at Zeetrope are always passionate about sharing the importance and values of filmmaking for various industries. For assistance with your production projects, do not hesitate to visit our website and send us an enquiry!