Piece Of Cake | The Basics Of Ordering Cakes

Cakes have been a part of every occasion and celebration, from birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and even commemorations. Apart from being the star of the party, this slice of pastry has treated people with a sweet tooth looking forward to a delightful bite of a dessert.

Today, ordering the pastry from an online cake shop in Singapore has never been easy! Just a few clicks and browse, you will have this sweet treat delivered to your door in an instant!

But the situation changes with custom cakes. Compared to ordinary cakes, ordering a custom cake in an online cake shop in Singapore may need some extra effort.

Tips For Ordering Custom Cakes Online

Purchasing an ordinary cake is far different from trying to order a custom birthday cake online in Singapore. If this is your first time ordering a custom cake, don’t be too overwhelmed with the process. These five helpful tips are applicable for every cake regardless of the occasion.

Jot Down All The Details About The Cake

People who try to order a custom birthday cake online in Singapore for the first time may only provide vague details about their custom cakes, such as the flavours, the number of tiers, the size, and the shape.

Your online cake shop in Singapore would like to know the theme of the occasion, the date and time of the event, and the number of attendees.

It is better to provide specific details regarding the cake appearance, for example, penguin cake for a zoo-themed birthday party.

Your baker or pastry chef will provide a draft or sketch of the cake based on the details you have provided. Although your online cake shop in Singapore can simply copy cake designs from Pinterest or other online websites, they very much value creativity and originality.

The date and time, size, number of attendees, and other details help your cake shop to plot a realistic timeline for cake creation.

Place Your Order Ahead

Before setting up expectations, people should understand that custom made cakes take a longer time to prepare.

The preparation time for your custom cake order online in Singapore varies depending on the size, complexity of design and style, and availability of ingredients.

Some online cake shops give two to three days lead time for custom cakes. It is better to place an order a week ahead to ensure that your order will be catered.

It gives your online cake shop in Singapore to prepare and discuss the cake. Changes in the plan are easier to accommodate in a less tight schedule.

Don’t Forget To Taste The Cake

Before giving your baker the green light to execute the cake with the flavour and design agreed upon, make sure to ask your online cake shop in Singapore if you could give the cake a taste.

Knowing the taste of the cake ahead allows you to make changes regarding the flavour. Is it too sweet for you? You can ask your baker or pastry chef to make the cake less sweet. You can even scrap the entire flavour and choose another flavour instead.

Make sure to do the cake tasting before making a payment for your custom cake you are planning to order online in Singapore. Flavour changes may add or cut cost on your cake.

Set A Budget

Custom cakes are usually more expensive than the ordinary cake people usually order online in Singapore. The most common factors that affect the cost of the cake are the size, creative work, and design.

●      Size

The size of the cake depends on the number of people it will feed. The cake size is usually measured by its weight. For bigger events with more than 50 people, a multi-tiered cake may be needed. Organisers sometimes get multiple single-layered cakes with different flavours to offer guests varieties.

●      Creative Work

Always remember that you are not only paying for the cake itself but also for the creative work the baker or pastry chef has put into the cake. Highly intricate and elegant cake designs may cost more than ordinary works. People can reduce the price of the concept design by purchasing a smaller version of the cake.

●      Creative Design

Generic cake toppers such as candy pearls and gum paste sugar flowers may be the cheapest cake decorations. However, toppers like fresh fruits, cookies, and other unusual decorations may increase the price of the cake you ordered.

Set a budget expectation before you order a custom birthday cake online in Singapore to avoid being overwhelmed at the end.

Once you have finalised the cake’s flavour and design and set the due date for the order, the final thing to do is to take care of the transportation arrangement.

How To Transport Your Cake


Depending on what you and your online cake shop in Singapore have agreed upon regarding the transportation arrangements: you can either pick up the cake from the patisserie or have them deliver it to your place.

If you have decided to bring it yourself, continue reading this article to learn how to transport your custom cake a long distance safely.

Think About The Structure Of Your Cake

What makes cake transportation difficult is making sure that the structure of the cake remains strong and complete. Carrying multi-layered cakes such as two-tiered cakes requires at least a smooth drive.

As much as possible, avoid ordering cakes with soft or cream fillings from an online cake shop in Singapore. These types of cakes tend to move around a lot during the journey. A single turn may cause your cake to slip.

Consider the cake’s frosting and decorations as well. When you order a custom birthday cake online in Singapore, make sure the frosting and decorations you choose do not need to be refrigerated. These kinds of decorations tend to melt along the way, especially during the long journey.

For simpler cakes, you can ask your online cake shop in Singapore to not decorate them yet. You can add the fragile cake toppers once you arrive at the place.

Use A Stable Base

You can reduce the risk of your cake slipping during the drive if you have a support base to secure the bottom layer of the cake. You can use a sturdy cake board, platter or a flat plate. It is much better if the baseboard is a bit larger than the bottom layer of the cake, so moving it around by hand will be easier.

You can brush a bit of buttercream on the surface of the board before placing the cake. The buttercream serves as the glue to your cake.

Ask your online cake shop in Singapore to use two to three cake boards for multi-layered birthday cakes. It will provide you with a sturdier base.

Use a Good Cake Box

A cake box is needed to prevent the cake from splattering all over the car in case it falls. It also prevents dust and dirt from sticking to the cake.

The size of the box should be taller than the cake you ordered from an online cake shop in Singapore. At least have a two inches allowance for the height of the box.

When it comes to the width, make sure the box is the same size as the cake board. It is only applicable if the cake board is wider than the cake itself, or else the sides of the cake will touch the box.

If the box you bought is wider than your cake board, make sure to place a non-skid mat inside to prevent the board and cake from sliding.

Make A Floorboard In Your Car

The most vital part of safely transporting cake is maintaining its balance. Obviously, it will not work if you place the cake on an uneven surface, even with a cake board to support the base.

Putting the cake you ordered from an online cake shop in Singapore on your car seat is not the best idea at all. The cake may slip, lean, and tilt. Placing it in the trunk is no better, especially if the weather is warm outside.

The ideal area in your car will be the floor. Make sure to clean the interior of your vehicle before transporting the cake. Adjust the front and back seats to free up some space on the floor. Cover the floorboard with a non-slip shelf liner and fluffy towel. You can now place your cake on the floor.

If the weather is cold and you are sure that the birthday cake you ordered will not melt, you can do the same floorboard technique in your trunk. Just make sure your trunk is neat with no other items inside.

Drive Carefully

As much as possible, plan the journey ahead. Make sure to choose the quickest route possible. Avoid battered and bumpy roads or highways with heavy traffic. The more you pull the brakes, the more chances your cake may tilt.

Drive at the coldest time of the day to prevent your cake from melting. Be gentle when turning and braking as well.

Cake Alternatives You Can Also Try


Do you want to order other pastries besides a birthday cake online in Singapore? Do you know that there are pastries that are as good as cakes as well? If you want to try something new, here are the several cake alternatives you can also order from an online cake shop in Singapore.

Tart Cakes

Tarts are round baked dishes with a shallow middle filled with different fillings. Unlike pies, tarts have an open mid area, showing all the fillings and toppings.

Because of their pretty aesthetics, tarts have been a great alternative to your usual cake order in an online pastry shop in Singapore. Tart cakes are the combination of famous tart crust and cake cream and frosting, topped with fresh fruits.

The good thing about tars is that you can order them per box containing four to six pieces from an online cake shop in Singapore. You don’t have to bother slicing cakes for everyone.


Doughnuts may not be as aesthetically pleasing as elegant cakes or tarts, but this all-time favourite pastry has been a substitute for your usual cake order from a birthday cake shop in Singapore.

Doughnuts are sometimes presented in a stockpile or pyramid, with sugar glaze dripping down from the top to the bottom doughnuts.

Doughnuts are quite famous at children’s parties or other events.


If you want a smaller version of famous cakes from an online cake shop in Singapore, one of the closest you can get is a cupcake.

Cupcakes can have elegant cake frosting and toppings and have a nice and moist bite-sized bread. Some even put candles on each cupcake, replicating an actual cake.

Many events get cupcakes as an alternative to avoid slicing huge cakes,

Brownies and Blondies

Brownies and blondies are already flavourful without any frosting and filling. An online cake shop in Singapore can make brownie or blondie cake by stacking bars together.

The stack is decorated with powdered sugar, fruits, chocolate bars and even drizzled with chocolate syrup or honey.

Some people opt to put each slice on cake stands and pedestals and have the guest take each for themselves.

Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate fountain fondue has been an alternative to your cake order from a birthday cake shop in Singapore, especially at birthday parties.

Instead of bread, this dessert accommodates numerous pastries such as pretzels, brownies, and blondies. Fresh slices of fruits like strawberries, bananas, and cherries are also perfect partners for chocolate. Marshmallows and candies are a popular combination as well.

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