How To Take Care Of Your Action Camera?

Don’t just love the picture, care for the camera too. Your Camera can be expensive or the one at the base of the series, but it is very important to manage it with care for best picture. It is disappointing to see the number of funds people invest in purchasing the best quality Cameras but do not take good care of them. After a study, it was found that lack of familiarity is what leads to procrastination. 

How To Keep Camera Clean And In Working Condition

After using it to clean it to take out the grime, sand & water that can be fixed on the surface of the action camera. This dust can in turn damage its hardware. The casing part is the most possible component that can get dirty effortlessly. Clean it with tap water & wipe it with a soft cloth that is not rough.

If the casing needs to be dried up in time then utilize the hair blower at the lowest heat to dry it. The excess water in the casing must be blown off after washing. Using of towel or another rough piece of cloth is not suggested as it can scratch the camera.

After the cleaning of the casing is completed, take out the lens and handle it with good care. Even small scratches on the lens can reduce the quality of the picture captured in the video. To clean the lens uses a particular lens cloth or lens cleaning chemical. Below we have mentioned some tips on how to keep camera (วิธี เก็บ รักษา กล้อง, which is the term in Thai) so read on.

Here Are A Few Tips To Keep Your Dslrs And Make Sure Its Long Life:

  • Hankie Is Not The Cleaning Cloth

Your hankie contains sweat and dust, giving you a motive good enough not to mix up its utility with that of the cleaning cloth. It is no secret fact that using your hankie is expedient while in a jiffy. But, if we think in a technological aspect, the fabric can scratch the lens and you do not desire to harm your prized possession. Assign a cleaning cloth with the liquid and keep your lens clean.

  • Cap It Shut

Your Digital Compact Camera loves to respire in fresh air but the grime air brings along with it, is not something your lens must hold on to. This is fairly basic, yet essential. Cover the back and front of the lens when not in use.

  • Handle With Care

Those in a routine of one-hand shooting must break the chain and grasp it with both hands, thereby reducing the chances of blurred images too.

  • Never Leave Your Bag Home

The camera bag is like its sleeping place and it should always be stored in that bag. Using your bag or handbag is the sign of an amateur and depicts a lack of care for your Camera.