Organisation 101: 6 Tips To Help You Stay On Top Of Your Deadlines

As a student, your primary goal is to stay on top of deadlines despite the million things due from your other subjects. However, there are also times when you may feel like you’re about to drown in your pile of deadlines. Although you cannot control it, these thoughts can actually knock down your motivation, hamper the amount of work you’re about to do, and make you feel stressed.

Besides science, one of the most common subjects students struggle with is mathematics. Sure, an online math tutor in Singaporecan help you juggle all your commitments, tasks, assignments, and other educational responsibilities. However, to make things work, you must cooperate with your tutor, organise your academics, and set your goals.



Whether you plan to study in a math tuition centre in Singapore or a university, it is significant to balance your time for your other subjects. You can do this by creating a study tracker. Make a table grid on your laptop or, better yet, on your notebook. On one axis, place the name of your subjects and the number of hours in the top corner. This table can help you create a more organised outline of your studying hours and determine which educational programmesneed more concentration.


With a primary maths tutor, you can manage to prioritise your revisions and other academic tasks with no hassle and in no time. While doing these things, you may find yourself too busy and take much of your time, which is fine. However, it is crucial to socialise and give your brain a break. Ensure to schedule enough time off to chill too to ensure that you’re not mentally drained.



Proper time management is one of the perks of having an online math tutor in Singapore. They can help you get the most vital educational tasks done first. Through your tutor, you can avoid cramming and meet your deadline. If you don’t have one, the best way to avoid procrastination is to work on a task with sufficient time ahead of the hand-in or due date. Try to save and start a particular one at least two weeks before the deadline or depending on how challenging the task is. Make a to-do list of all your tasks, including the deadline and how difficult the assignment is. When listing them down, prioritise them in order of their deadline or whichever needs to be accomplished ASAP, and tick them off accordingly.


If you have a Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE), having a math tutor in Singapore can help you big time! Your tutor can be your helping hand with reviewing, revising, and studying while managing your time wisely. As soon as you know the schedules of your exams, deadlines, or your PSLE, it is crucial to put them in your calendar and mark these dates as significant.

If you want, set regular updates before the deadline on your calendar. Mark a date on your calendar two months before the exam, two weeks, or a week before the examination date, for instance. It is to constantly remind you of how much time you have to prepare.



Students are visual learners, which means they learn more from what they see in their books, online, or anything around them. Colour is one of the visual elements. When organising your planner and to-do lists, try to use colour coding to help you manage your time wisely.

Colour code your social, educational, sleep, personal, and other commitments in various colours. For instance, you can use yellow for your social events, such as lunch or dinner dates or group studies, blue for rest, red for personal commitments, such as exercise or Netflix time, or green for reading. Also, if you are studying in a secondary math tuition centre in Singapore, you can use colour coding on your notes and lessons. Here is a sample guide for you.


  • YELLOW can serve for the crucial information, parts, or main topics.
  • ORANGEis for the formulas, equations, concepts, theorems or anything that can function for solving problems.
  • GREEN works for defining mathematical matters. For instance, use green to highlight the definition of algebra, the Pythagorean theorem, monomial, denominator, hypotenuse, etc.
  • PINK is for sample problems and noting your corrections.
  • VIOLET is for the areas where you need more improvement.

With this in your notebook, your online math tutor in Singapore can assess the balance of which subject areas or topics you are struggling with or need more progress.



Goal setting is one of the fundamentals of long-term success. While you are still young, studying in a math tuition centre in Singapore, set your long and short-term goals. You can do this by creating a table. Separate each goal and categorise them as daily goals, five-year plans, and your life goals. You can list everything you want to accomplish in every aspect of your life, such as financial, social, personal, career or education, and your bucket list. This table can help you track your achievements, assess how you’ve passed through insurmountable mountains, and when you’ll get there. Small moves towards big targets and achievements.

Final Thoughts

Feeling overwhelmed while studying, reviewing, and revising is normal. It can be a bit dragging because numerous waves of questions, thoughts, and doubts would play with your mind, especially when you find the topic or subject difficult. These thoughts are subtle but can result in questioning your feelings and emotions, which may interfere with your motivation. During the years of your study, it is essential to acknowledge your resistance and fight them with drive and will. With proper organisation, management, and an online math tutor in Singapore, you can make it ace and master your weaknesses.

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