How to Prepare for a Successful Virtual Event

Virtual events are no longer new since the pandemic started. From students to professionals, they have now adjusted to virtual events. There are online classes, conferences or meetings happening around the world every day. A Virtual event in Singapore can also be for entertainment purposes. See, there are many things you can do with internet resources. However, the problem is: how can you organise a virtual event? Is it easy? What are the things you need to consider for a successful virtual event?

If you are a first-timer, allow this article to help you set up your virtual event. There are many possible solutions for your online event. You can partner with a virtual event organiser in Singapore. Also, you can follow some tips to make your virtual event more effective. Furthermore, continue reading this article for additional knowledge about a virtual event in Singapore.

Planning for a Successful Virtual Event

A virtual event in Singapore can stand for webinars, Q&A sessions, job interviews, conferences and many more. But, whatever the case, you should know how to plan to kickstart your first virtual event. Remember that you can also ask for assistance from a virtual event company to make it more effective. Luckily, this article will give you some tips to make your virtual event successful.


Know Your Audience

A virtual event has no physical interaction, so you have to make more effort to engage your audience. The first thing to do is to know your attendees. You have to learn what interests your audience. Plus, consider their online resources.

\Can they join an online event with a specific platform? Are they technically savvy? Or Do your audience have an interest in your topic? To help you, you can send some surveys to your audiences to know their preferences.

With this, you can have a virtual event that will engage your audiences more. After all, you have to attain the attention span of your audience so you can call the virtual event a successful one.

Choose Your Venue

Although a virtual event is online, you also need a venue to execute your event with proper space. Remember, you have to move around while speaking to your audience. It will make you look more professional and prepared while speaking in front of your audience. Also, keep in mind that some virtual events need some space accommodation like workshops or trade shows.

Better yet, you can partner with a virtual event organiser to assist you in finding the best venue for your virtual event. Finally, it is essential to have a clean and proper background for your event. If it does look cramp and messy, there are chances that it will compromise your credibility.

Select Time and Date

Yes, you can do a virtual event anytime and anywhere. However, remember that the time and date are also essential. People are busy with their lives. Some are occupied because of their work or school. Hence, allow your audience to pick a date and time that is suitable for their schedule. After all, even if they want to join your virtual event, there are still chances that they have other errands. To help you, the best time to have your event is the weekend. Most people have no classes or work during the weekends. Therefore, select a date that is available for your audience.

Also, you need to select a time that is not too early or too late. With this, you can ensure that many can attend your virtual event. Better yet, you can ask your attendees what time or date will suit their schedule. For people who can’t join the event, record your virtual event and post it online on YouTube or any social media platforms.

Plan Your Event Format

An organised virtual event makes a successful and more interactive event. Hence, give your audience a guide about the program flow. In doing so, the audiences will be able to know what to expect from your virtual event. You can also ask assistance from a virtual event company for engaging activities. In the end, you need to define your format. Is it a workshop? Or Is it a seminar with a speaker? Well, identifying your program flow will help the audience understand your goal.

If you want to make it more interactive, you can include an app so your audience can navigate and experience first-hand the workshop or seminar. After all, an organised virtual event will have a positive impact on the audiences.

Select a Platform

There are many social media platforms to have your virtual event. You can choose Facebook, Youtube, Periscope and many more. These platforms may offer the same features and services. However, it depends on your personal preferences and audience accessibility. Since most people use Facebook or YouTube, you can invite people to watch your virtual event on the said platforms.

To help you get started, you can have a free trial with some platforms before starting a virtual event. Or, you can go to a virtual event organiser because they can provide platforms that apply to your audiences.

Hire a Professional Speaker

Planning for a successful virtual event also includes a professional speaker. The professional speaker should respond to questions, facilitate the program, introduce speakers, and make the show livelier. Their job is essential to have an engaging event.

Plus, remember that the host should be confident in front of a camera. Also, one of the benefits of hiring a professional speaker is that they know how to handle unexpected situations. Will the program continue if the apps malfunction?

For sure, a professional speaker can handle situations like this. Perhaps, you can also partner with a virtual event organiser that provides you with an experienced speaker.

Invite More People

Now that you have planned for your virtual event. It is time for you to market your program. Social media will become handy for your marketing strategy. To do so, you can post enticing captions on Facebook. Or you can make stories on Instagram or Snapchat that will encourage more people to join your event. You can also use hashtags or newsletters to promote your event and reach more possible attendees.

Also, look for a virtual event company that helps in inviting more people to the seminar. After all, you want to show your audiences the hard work you have done in preparation for your virtual event.

Partner with Virtual Event Company

As you can see, a virtual event is now a common thing. And it will continue to do so in the coming months. Hence, you need to look for a virtual event company that can help you execute an interactive online event. There are many benefits you can get from a professional service. It includes customisation, live streaming video, integrated social media and communication features.

That’s why you need to look for these characteristics to ensure that you’ll have a successful virtual event in Singapore. To know what to consider, read in the next section to learn about a reliable virtual event company in Singapore.


Looking for a Reliable Virtual Event Company

What makes a virtual event company reliable? As mentioned above, planning for a virtual event requires methods that contribute to an organised event. Of course, you need help from a professional if you’re a first-timer. So, if planning to look for a virtual event company, read in this section the quality you should consider before partnering with them.


Communication Skills

Since you are working with different professionals, a virtual event organiser or company must have communication skills. They have to know how to speak, listen, signal, present and other means of communication. Remember that you are going to work with them for months or weeks. Hence, look for a virtual event company that builds a relationship through communication.

After all, the company should present and communicate ideas for your virtual event. This way, you can develop innovative ideas that may engage more people and audiences. Lastly, the virtual event company should have open communication with their clients to achieve a customised and personalised experience.

Team Player

As mentioned earlier, you will be working with different professionals. Hence, every member of the team has a responsibility to work along with others. The whole team must be a team player. Everyone should be approachable and understanding about the project process.

All in all, it will contribute to overall productivity. So, when looking for a virtual event organiser, consider observing if they value being a team player. In doing so, you’ll be able to join a team that will listen to your ideas and goals.


Everything changes in an instant. In this modern society, you can expect that trends will change from time to time. As you can see, two or three years ago, no one expected that people would rely on online resources. Most companies and schools have transitioned from physical to virtual events. Hence, a virtual event company should be flexible with the changes.

The adaptability and flexibility will help a company on their day to day basis. It can help them think of methods and solutions to solve a problem immediately. Plus, they have software or resources that can make them more adaptable to current technology and trends.


In the event industry, organisational skill is essential to achieve goals. The planning of a virtual event in Singapore has a list of requirements. If you don’t follow it, there are chances that you will not execute the virtual event properly. Hence, look for a virtual event organiser or company that is detail-oriented and logical. On top of being innovative, the company should also be insightful when handling practical tasks. This way, the company can solve problems more efficiently.

Budgeting Skills

When planning for a virtual event, you need resources to complete the process. You need to budget for online platforms, camera set-up, audience giveaways, and other essentials. A successful virtual event company can budget money. Therefore, the company will allow a budget on essential things first before using it with miscellaneous expenses. Also, remember that budgeting skill is helpful when dealing with a new project.

Negotiation is also part of budgeting skills. A well-known virtual event company has a connection with vendors in Singapore. Plus, they have negotiating skills to get the best services and resources for your virtual event.

Fair Pricing

Remember, the virtual event company will handle your event from pre-registration to pre-events. So, make sure they are transparent about pricing. They should also make a list of the services they will charge. Better yet, you can ask for packaged services, so you’ll know what to expect from them. In the end, they need to give you fair pricing from their services. They should not include hidden charges that may cost you more. After all, you are looking for a reliable virtual event company in Singapore. Hence, remember this tip to find a genuine partnership.

Work Confidence

Of course, a virtual event company should be confident in their work results. A reliable company will show that they deserve your trust. A company should also include their portfolio on their website. In doing so, clients can see their previous works. They can also show the reviews of their past clients. With this, you can say that a virtual event organiser or company is credible and professional.


Communicating Through Virtual Events

The world is still facing a pandemic. However, it should not stop us from communicating with other people. Luckily, a virtual event in Singapore helps people to continue their daily life routine. A student in an online class, a young professional at a conference or a person who wants to join a virtual event for entertainment purposes. All of these promote communicating innovatively. Hence, it is essential to find a reliable partner when it comes to virtual events.

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