How To Keep Your Children’s Teeth Healthy and Strong

To help your kids have healthy teeth, you’ll want to teach them to brush well and focus on a healthy diet to prevent tooth decay. Here are a few other things to consider regarding pediatric dental hygiene.

Dental Visits

Dentists recommend that every child visit a pediatric dentist Jacksonville FL before his or her first birthday. When you notice the first teeth erupting through the gums, it’s a great time to make an appointment. The dentist can give you tips on caring for your infant’s teeth and gums, and your child will develop a relationship with the dentist before he or she has a chance to become afraid of dental visits. Frequent dental visits also allow the dentist to spot and fix tooth problems as soon as they develop.


Brushing your child’s teeth is not enough to clean the spaces between the teeth. As soon as there are enough teeth that they touch one another, parents should floss children’s teeth daily. Individual flossers can make this task easier. They are a great way for kids to begin doing their own flossing as well.


Dental sealants can be used to protect tooth surfaces that are more difficult to thoroughly clean by brushing. The chewing surfaces of back teeth are harder to reach for thorough cleaning, especially they are deeply grooved. Plastic resin sealants can be painted onto these teeth by dentists. This bonded layer then keeps plaque and acids away from the tooth enamel, preventing tooth decay. Sealants are especially recommended for children’s permanent molars since they will keep these teeth into adulthood.

Starting good dental hygiene habits at an early age will help kids keep their teeth healthy as they become more able to take care of their own brushing and flossing. Semi-annual visits to a pediatric dentist will also reduce tooth decay and keep teeth as healthy as possible.