How To Conceal Carry In The Winter

The cold months can be challenging to conceal carry. There are many things you can do to make the process easier. Here are a few suggestions.

Draw from Concealment

During the winter months, it can be challenging to draw from concealment. Not only are you wearing more layers, but getting a good grip on your gun can be more difficult. However, you can practice your drawing technique to improve your confidence.

First, keep your movements relaxed. This will allow you to draw more smoothly. If you are moving slowly, you could make a mistake. Also, it would help if you did not do your drawing while still trying to clear your clothing. The last thing you want is to make a mess of your weapon.

Try to clear your concealed carry clothes for winter with your non-dominant hand. This will free up your more substantial side hand. It will also help you stay out of the way. As you move your clothing, you should stick out your thumb to help.

Make sure you have a holster to sweep your coats back. If you don’t, you could get your jacket in the way of your draw.

Avoid Pocket Carrying Without a Holster.

It is best to avoid pocket carrying without a holster if you are in a cold climate. While keeping your hands warm is tempting, it can be a safety hazard. A cold jacket or heavy pants can make it harder to get your handgun out of a pocket.

The best way to avoid pocket carrying without a holster is to have your gun in an outer coat pocket or a concealed carry jacket. This helps keep your handgun safe and available when you need it most. It also keeps your firearm from getting tangled in your clothes.

Another option is to tuck your gun into your waistband. This can be trickier and may not be as convenient as expected. But it is an excellent alternative to carrying your weapon in a purse or briefcase.

You should be aware of your surroundings when carrying your weapon in a public place. For example, theft crimes frequently happen in shopping center parking lots, so you should always be on high alert.

Train at the Range During the Cold Months

The weather can pose unique challenges when it comes to training at the range to conceal carry during the winter months. Colder weather means you must wear different clothing to keep you warm and comfortable. Besides this, the weather can also present you with new concealed carry options.

For example, you can practice drawing and shooting a different firearm. However, before carrying a new gun, you should practice your handgun at the range. You can always practice with blue guns or dummy rounds if you don’t have a gun range at home. Also, before taking a shot, ensure you have a spare magazine and a grip test.

Another essential part of training at the range to conceal carry during the cold months is learning about the law and local and state mandates. These laws are designed to protect you from various civil and legal liabilities. This includes laws governing the storage of firearms, the legal requirements of carrying concealed, and the law related to justified self-defense.


The good news comes first. More minor is the name of the CCW game in the summer. You are probably carrying a smaller, simpler weapon to hide as there isn’t as much cloth to reduce printing if all that’s covering your rifle is a tee or other light shirt. When you put a jacket or coat on, all of that changes. In addition to making your summer gun easier to hide, the extra layers let you step it up a notch and carry a full-size. If your outerwear is long enough to cover the bottom of the holster, you could have it OWB.

The bad news is that wearing more layers may require you to develop new habits or revise ones from the previous winter. You are wearing heavier clothing now, so your pull will differ significantly from the summer. Although the physics should remain the same, you will need to get used to moving additional material aside. You’ll need to practice this.

Determine the best technique to add more layers to clear your cover garment. This is crucial if you switch to an OWB holster since it will move the pistol to a new location on your belt.