How Can I Style My Yard?


If you are wondering how you can style your yard, there are a few different things you can do. You can add flowering trees, concrete columns, and other elements to your landscape. This will make your yard look incredible and welcome to your home.

Outdoor Lighting

Landscape lighting is a great way to bring your halloween yard art to life at night. These lights can enhance the look and feel of your yard, plus provide safety and security.

There are three main types of light fixtures to choose from, each offering advantages. For example, LEDs can be a smart choice for your backyard. They don’t need plug sockets, are waterproof, and feature style on display.

A well-lit garden can create a tranquil oasis. Water features such as fountains are also a great source of light. In addition, water can reflect light, resulting in an eye-catching effect.

The most practical lights are bright enough to illuminate pathways and walkways yet dim enough not to blind passersby. One of the best ways to do this is by combining low-level furniture with LEDs.

Decorative lighting is another good idea. String lights and hanging lanterns are both excellent choices. You can hang them from trees, branches, or leafy bushes.

Flowering trees

Flowering trees can add color and texture to your landscape. They also provide shade, which minimizes cooling costs during the summer months. These plants are also great for wildlife. Many birds and squirrels like to snack on the fruit from flowering trees. Some trees produce fragrant white flowers all season.

When looking for an attractive tree, you want to pick one that suits your space and style. For instance, a tree with a full foliage canopy can offer privacy, while a more compact tree may fit in a tight corner.

The Little Gem Magnolia is a compact tree that provides beautiful fragrance and foliage from spring through summer. It’s perfect for yards with limited space and grows well in zones 6-9 and 8-10.

The Okame Cherry is a hardy flowering fruit tree that tolerates extreme heat, humidity, and drought. This low-maintenance tree can reach 25 feet at maturity.

The Cleveland Pear is another low-maintenance flowering tree. It grows best in adequate water, moderate sunlight, and the right soil type.

Concrete columns

There are many ways to style concrete columns in your yard. From a formal pillar to a whimsical planter, there are numerous designs to choose from. The question is which is the best for your specific needs.

First and foremost, decide where you want to put your newfound construction. Doing this will minimize the chance of a mishap. Then, once you have a solid plan, you can move forward with the rest of the project.

The first step is to measure the distance between the two ends of the pillar. This is where your height, weight, and surface area calculations will come into play. Similarly, you will want to be as accurate as possible when measuring the distance between the tops and the base of your pillar. You can do this by using a telescopic leveler.

Next, you will need to select the correct type of cement for the job. There are several types of cement, and they will vary in color, thickness, and moisture content. Using a wet mix will result in a smoother finish.

Container plants

One of the easiest ways to add drama and color to your yard is with container plants. These compact and easy-to-care-for plants are perfect for a garden, balcony, or patio. But there are some things to keep in mind when planting them.

First, you need to know that containers are not just for flowers. They can contain anything from shrubs to edibles. Some of the best plants for container gardening include hostas, daylilies, ferns, and sedums.

Containers are also great for growing vines. A vine-filled pot will give your home some extra height. Try developing an elephant’s ear for an eye-catching addition to your patio. You can also grow a pool of deeply-fragrant hyacinths for your living room.

When choosing a container, keep in mind that it will need to be large enough to hold all the plants you want. Also, make sure the soil is well-drained and moisture-retentive. Adding a drip irrigation system will save you time.