How To Buy and Choose Your New Furniture for Your Office

Offices are places that we spend a significant chunk of our day in. The average Singaporean works at least 9 to 10 hours from Monday through Friday. That’s more than a third of your day spent in the office, and that’s not counting the amount of time you spend doing overtime or working on weekdays. Because of this, offices can be considered a second home or base to many workers.

As a business owner or office manager, you should take careful note of the fact that many employees cite dissatisfaction with their working conditions as a reason for leaving their company. If enough employees do this, over time, this can amount to a lot of wasted money spent on training and hiring employees. So how do you stop this from becoming a problem?

How do office design and office rental affect your business?


The best solution to keeping employees satisfied is paying attention to their needs and how to assist them in making their jobs easier. Office spaces play a large role in this than you think– studies have shown that things like noise pollution and disorganised work areas show poorer performances and aren’t as productive as those in better-designed workplaces. That is why many big companies like Google have been investing money into building amazing workplaces.

A good office design isn’t an expense, it’s an investment. Rarely are offices your standard workplaces with cubicles, desks, and office chairs. In today’s modern business environment, thinking outside the box when it comes to office design is encouraged.

So you want to build a great office

Yes, good office planning should entail that your people, equipment, assets, furniture, and other important office items are appropriate for the workplace, but designing your office space is more than just that. You need to take into account both the aesthetic value and functionality, as well as your employees’ needs and requirements. This will help you determine the best design for your workplace.

Looking to renovate or design a new office? Then you will definitely need great furniture as it plays a big part in your office space design. Choosing the right furniture to buy is half the battle in helping you create great workspaces. Here are a few tips to consider, whether you’re buying furniture online or choosing what furniture goes well with the theme you have in mind.


Check the dimensions and size of your office space and furniture

Possibly one of the biggest things that you could miss is taking into account the size of your furniture relative to the size of your room. Having furniture that is the wrong size for the office space can make the room feel cramped, or it may not even fit through the doorways or entrances. Furthermore, it may leave you with too little room for your other equipment or furniture or leave awkward gaps that make your office feel disorganized. You have to be especially careful with large pieces such as sofa sets when you purchase them, so don’t be afraid to check their dimensions.

Buying the right storage units for your office

Storage units are a must-have for any office, even if you’re designing an entirely paperless one. Storage units can help in tidying up and organising the office, making it look cleaner to work in with no visual distractions. There are many types of storage units that your office can use, so choose wisely for the right fit for your workers. For example, many desks have built-in drawers that your employees can use to store their personal belongings and paraphernalia, and filing cabinets come in an assortment of sizes, styles and shapes perfect for items, papers, large documents, and more.

Choose functional and appropriate furniture

Don’t just choose furniture based on visuals alone. Many people have made the mistake of buying office furniture because it looks luxurious, but quickly come to realise that it’s not exactly a good fit for the office. Others buy office chairs because they look great in the office, but learn later that the chairs aren’t as comfortable as they look. Since this furniture should last long periods of use, then testing them out and seeing if they’re comfortable, functional, etc. is a matter of importance. Don’t forget to weigh all pros and cons before making a purchase.

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